26 DECEMBER 1931, Page 2

Events in Manchuria Japan is on the move again in

Manchuria under the usual pretext of clearing the province of bandits; and there is every sign that, the League of Nations Council 'having declined to include the town of Chinchow in the -Zone of Japanese occupation, Chinchow will be in Japanese hands within a week. That, at any rate, is the'impression created by the declarations of General Honjo, commanding in the field. Tokyo simultaneously announces' that Chinchow is not to be taken, but what Tokyo says does not as a rule greatly trouble General Honjo. Meanwhile, the League Commission of Enquiry is being gradually enlisted. If it is true that Lord Lytton has been asked to represent this country the choice is good, for the former Governor of Bengal has a way of discharging with con- scientious thoroughness any mission he undertakes. But it does not seem likely that the Commission will lea A-


Europe for a month yet, and a good deal may have happened by the time it gets to Mukden.