26 DECEMBER 1931, Page 3

Parking Underground •

Motorists-and the public alike will commend the City Corporation for deciding to consider the construction of a large underground garage or parking-place for 500 cars in or near Moorgate. Hastings has recently opened such a garage under its sea-front, and the idea surely deserves to be adopted in our great cities with their Harrow and congested streets. The motor-car is no longer a mere pleasure vehicle ; the motorist, more often than not, is a man of moderate means who uses his car to save time and money in doing his business. The two-hour parking-place is little use to him and he cannot leave his car outside his office door. The sooner the City constructs its first underground garage the better, and civic authorities in general should be fired to more activity in the same direction. Oxford, in collabora- tion with Christ Church, has recently opened a most useful car-park to replace slums in St. Aldate's, and Windsor has a similar achievement to its credit. But the average motorist is not rich, and lie is taxed enough as it is. Charges should therefore be designed to cover costs, not to bring in profits.