26 DECEMBER 1941, Page 12

SHOPKEEPERS AND MANUFACTURERS SIR, I have noticed a great increase

in the number of prosecutions against retail shopkeepers for selling Egg Substitute and Milk Sub- titute which on analysis do not contain the required percentages of certain ingredients. This is all to the good, but would it not be better for the authorities to get at the source of this evil, namely, the manufacturer? In some cases the shopkeeper convicted and fined is of the highest standing. In convicting such a one the Deputy Stipen- diary in Liverpool commented on the fact and stated that he thought it was a pity that only the shopkeeper was before him. If the authori- ties have the necessary powers I suggest that they direct their atten- tion to the source of the evil, where the big profits are being made, and if they have not the necessary powers that Parliament should give these to them without delay.—Yours faithfully,