26 DECEMBER 1947, Page 16


your.issue of December 12th you say that "no one from whose memory the great Liberal traditions of the past have not faded could see the disappearance of a Liberal Party from British politics without sentimental regret." the disappearance of the Liberal Party would be a tragedy. As the party that represents the true feelings of the majority of the British people it is essential that it should remain alive in British politics. The half-hearted Liberalism of the Labour and Conservative parties can never replace the true Liberal ideals. As a young Liberal who looks to the future, rather than thinking of the glorious past, I feel that if there is only room for two parties in British politics one of those parties must be the Liberal Party.

I was surprised that The Spectator should contemplate an end of the Liberal Party. In a free country it is one's privilege to vote for the party one desires. Do you possibly believe that 5,000,000 electors would just accept the Liberal overtures of the Tories and Socialists, knowing full well that the only party that can represent Liberals is the Liberal Party. As long as we continue to think Liberal thoughts there will always be a Liberal Party.—Yours faithfully, IAN MCMIII.AN. The Shieling, 61 Craw Road, Paisley.

[Our reference to 5 million Liberal voters was an error ; the number was 21 millions.—En., The Spectator.]