26 DECEMBER 1947, Page 16


Sin,—Since no one seems disposed to challenge Janus's assertion that there is a moral obligation on the part of Mr. T. L. Horabin to resign his seat in the Commons, may I do so. It seems to me that any assump- tion of this sort is an insidious attack on the foundations of our Parlia- mentary institution. We, the electors, do not vote for a policy, party or an issue ; we choose a man or woman to represent us in all the discussions and decisions that may be taken in Parliament. So, if it seems right to the man we have chosen to cross the floor of the House, we should not reproach him, for he is none the less the man for whom we have voted. Were it otherwise the stature of the private Member would be shrunk indeed, and the party machine even more of a Juggernaut than it is at present. I hope never to see the day when only heads are counted at Westminster without any regard to what is inside them:—I am,