26 DECEMBER 1947, Page 4

Testimonials to this country from abroad are not uncommon, but

one I came across the other day seems to have more than ordinary merit. A Pole who had fled for political reasons to Austria and lived in a D.P. camp there was sent to farm work in England. After a week or two he wrote to a Hungarian friend who had remained

in the D.P. camp as follows (English being, I suppose, their common language):

"I am writting to you near by London. I arrived on 28/8/47. The English brought us in a big hotel. Two days later we traveled 70 km. northly from London. We are living in a camp in which were early English soldiers. Camp is very nice in a nice wood. The camp looks like a sanatory. All time on the way we get enough food, which were excellent. The treatment of the English is excellent. We get to eat 4 times daily. All what was talking about England over there, that was a big lye. Here is no hungry, here is to get enough cigar- ettes and when necessary of live. We are very satisfied and we wish that you come as soon as possible over-here. Here is the best than anywhere."

Plainly a tribute from the heart.