26 FEBRUARY 1831, Page 10

• Risings, more or less positive, have now taken place

in the Mo! denese territories, in the legation of Bologna, of Ferrara, in the States RI provisionally assigned to MAA LOUISA, Parma and Pia- cenza, in Ancona, Urbino, and Lucca. At Parma, the Ex-Empress of France was bowed out of the town with the most edifying show of courtesy. In all these risings, the people have been trium- phant, and the authorities have made very little display of resist- ance. The issues of the game, however, are not in the hands of the Italians. Had they to deal only with one another, the popular cause might continue to maintain the superiority it has so speedily and easily gained; but how the insurgents will make head against the troops of Austria, is another question. Hitherto the move- ments of that power have been, as they always are, very slow ; but they are not to be looked on as the less certain. If the Italians gain the liberty after which they long, we rather think it will not be by their own arms.