26 FEBRUARY 1831, Page 10

THE KING AND ins Couur.—The Royal party left Brighton for

Lon- don on Al( achy morning. The Brighton people are loud in their ex- pressions of regret; and, mingled with some little selfishness, we do not doubt that in their regret there is not a small portion of bonest senti- ment. King William and Queen Adelaide are more at home in the country than in town ; and, like all characters in which the natural pre- dominates, they are the more apt to generate admiration the more closely they are viewed. Here we see only a King and a Queen—we are con- scious only of the presence of royalty : at Brighton it is the humanity of the picture that comes prinoixally out. Their Majesties have had a busy week—on Tuesday, the Theatre ; on Wednesday, a Levee ; on Thursday, that rich and rare exhibition, a Drawing-room. • Drury Lane enjoys, by hereditary tenure, a priority of right to royal patronage, and was of course selected as the place where the King should first see and be seen by his loving subjects. The Royal party sat most resolvedly through the School for Scandal—a comedy which,. with all its great fame, is somewhat, vulgar in its wit, and on the stage, unless when very admirably acted, somewhat lagging in its catastrophe ;. and through the entire of the pantomime—a performance which only childhood recollections can ever render tolerable. The audience were' as outrageous in their loyalty as usual, and insisted on having" God save the King" twice, to please themselves and honour the King.

The Levee of Wednesday did not differ in any essential from those. which have repeatedly taken place of late. The King gave audiences, as is usual, to the Foreign Ambassadors, and also to the greater number of the Cabinet Ministers, before the commencement of the ceremony of the day. Previous also to the levee, General Grey received from his Majesty the grand cross of the order of Hanover, and Sir Frederick Maitland was invested with the insignia of Knight Commander of the Bath.

The presentations were as follow.

Dukes—G °Mon, Devonshire, Grafton, IVelling- ton, Northumberland, Dorset, St. Albans, Rich- mond.

Aterpreses—Clanricarde, Salisbury? , Thomond, ' Winchester, Camden Lond 1

onderry, ansdowne. Earls—Hosebery, Gower, Belfast, Wicklow, Bandon Mayo, Winchilsea, Ossory, Plymouth, itadnor,Verulam, Uxbridge, Brecknock, Sheffield, Carlisle, Spencer, Waldegrave, Denbigh, Am- herst, Aberdeen, Macclesfield, Rosslyn. Claren- don, Bathurst, Westmorland, Essex, Stanhope, Euston.

Vismuntr—Deerhurst, Bernard, Boyle, Boling- broke, Flotmesdale, Frankfort, Flawarden, Boring. don, Beresforcl, Maynard, Duncannon- Lutils—Tullarnme, Mahon, Teynham, Stanley, Byron, Hotham, Genies, E. Manners Rendle- sham, W. Fitz Roy, J. S. Churchill, PAdhoe, F. L. Gower, W. Hervey, J. O'Brien, Stuart de Rodney, Auckland, Ellenborough, illaryboroug,h. Counts-31orner, Du Monceau, Craquenbourg. Barons—De Ralamb, Linsingen. R ighi Honourables—Sir C. Robinson, Sir G. Murray, G. Stanley, C. Grant, S. Bourne, J. Ret- ries, C. Arbuthnot.

Honourables—li. Windsor, C. Forester, Blarney, M.P. Prittle, M.P. Baron Dimsdale' Tumour, Lieut.-Gen. Ramsay, T. Dundas, Maj. Farm, W. Hare, — Westenra, Col. A. Ellis, alai. tone, Capt. Elliot, Rev. H. C. Cust, W. Temple. Bishops—London, Luscombe, Bristol, Chiches- ter, tic.

The following had the honour of being presented to his Majesty —

The Duke of onion, with an address from their!. habitants of Bristol, accompanied by the Bishop of Bristol, the Recorder, and the Members for Bristol, and other gentlemen. Mr. Burge, as agent for Jamaica, with art address

of condolence and congratulation to his afaiesty, from the Assembly of that island : accomparied by the Earl of Dudley, Via. St. Vincent, Lord Seaford, Sir A. C. Giant, Bart. M.P. Sit W. H. Cooper, Bart. G. Watson Taylor M.P. W. Dickinson, M.P. J. P. Miles, M.P. W. Miles, M.P. Neill Malcolm, M.P. Mr. J. Mitchell, and Mr. G. Ilibbert.

John Thomas Mayne, with a loyal and con- stitutional address to his Majesty, from thirty of the county magistrates the dignified clergy, and 13,52.5 inhabitants oeWiltshire, by Viscount Melbourne.

Marquis of Salisbury, on his appointment to be Major of Yeomanry-, by the Earl of Verulem. Mr. W. It. Wilson, by General Wetherell, Comp- troller of the Household of her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent.

Sir J. Shaw, Bart. Chamberlain of London, by the Duke of Sussex. Sir '1'. Hesketh, Bart. Col. of the 3rd Royal Lan- cashire Militia, by Sir J. Shelley.

Dr. Gordon, Deputy-Inspector of Hospitals, by the Duke of Gordon.

Bishop of Bristol, by the Bishop of Chichester. Vice-Admiral Sir It.. Otway, on being appointed . Groom of the Bedchamber, by the Marquis of Winchester.

Mr. Joshua Brookes, On hIS return from the Continent. The Earl of Bandon, on coming to his Title, by the Earl of Mayo. Rev. Dr. Spry, by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Rev. B. I rymg, on his reappointment as Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majesty, by the Marquis Camden. • The Earl of Wicklow by the Earl of Aberdeen. The Hon. Baron Dimsdale, onhis appointment to be Capt. of Yeomanry, by the Earl of Verulam. Rev. G. T. Brookes, Chaplain to Mr. Sheriff Po- land, by Mr. Sheriff Poland. Earl of 'Winchilsea, on being appointed to the command of the East Kent Yeomanry, by the Marquis Camden. • Hon. Mr. Blayney, Ml'. by Sir A. Barnard. Viscount Ilawarden, by the Marquis of Ely. Hon. Mr. Turnout, by Earl Amherst. Mr. Archdeacon Headtam, by the Bp. of London. Viscount Bolingbroke, by the Earl of Clarendon. Rev. T. Berne, on his reappointment as Chaplain in Ordinary to his 3thjesty, by Mr. Arbuthnot. Viscount Boyle, by the Earl of Bandon. Air. Burge, on his appointment as agent for Ja- maica, by Visrount Goderich. The 1.ord Advocate of Scotland, by the Lord Chancellor.

Rev. .7. T. Connell, by the Earl of Mayo. Count blamer, by the Swedish Dinkier. Mr. Greene, M.P., by the Earl of Northesk. Sir John Shelley, by Sir Thomas Hesketh.

Right Rev. Bishop Luscombe, by the Bishop of London.

Sit John Johnstone, by the Archbishop of York. Dr- Sjment, Chaplain to his Royal Highness the Dem of Cambridge, by Sir It. Price, Bart. Elt George Chctwy-nd, by Earl Bowe. Sir Robert Kennedy, on permission to accept the Order of the Tower and Sword, by (Sen. Sir J. Doyle. Sir CharlesHulse, Bart., M.P., by Sir A. Barnard. Via. Holmmdale, Captain of the Sevenoaks troop of West Kent Yeomanry, by Marquis Camden. Hon. William H. Hare, by Lieut.-Col. Whatley. Dr. Gibney, Physician to the Sussex County Hos- pital, by the Bishop of Chichester. Via. Bernard, by the Earl of Bandon. Rev. Daniel F. Hatton, on being appointed one of his Afaiesty's Chaplains in Ordinary, by the Earl of Winchilsea.

Rev. W. H. Roberts, by Vi ce-A dm. Sir John Gore. Capt. Kemmis, Grenadier Guards, on promotion, by Col. Woodford.

Capt. Harvey, Coldstream Guards on appoint- ment, by Col. Thornton, Aid-de:Camp its the King. Lieut. G. F. AVestbrook,R.N., by the lion. Adm. Dundas.

Capt. Carter, Hit., by Sir A. Dickson. Capt. Garstin, Bengal Engineers, by Sir IL Fel- lowes, R.N.

Capt. W. Wood, by Col. Wood. Mr. Tennyson, on being appointed Clerk of the Ordnance, by the Duke of Sussex. Mr. Spence, M.P., by the Vice-Chancellor. 'Maj.-Gen. the Hon. Sir R. L. Dundas, on promo- tion, by Lord Mr. Gibbons, by Sir John Gibbons. Tulfnell, on his marriage,by Ld.Godexich. Lieut.-Gen. Caleraft, by the Rt. Hon. J. Calcraft. Mr. Mlles, by the Duke of Gordon.

alaj.-Gen. Sir C. Dalbiac, on being appointed a Knight Commander of the Royal Guelphic Order, by Lord P1 III. Mr. G. It. Smith, by the Duke of Richmond. Air. H. Bantle, by Col. Balllie.

Mr. Harris, by Via. Melbourne. llloj..tien.SirH._tskew,by Lord Bill. Mr. Octnvius Morgan, by Sir Charles Morgan. g Mr. Charles Shakerley, by Sir W. Fremantle. 111r. Dewar, by Lord l'ortmore.

Rear-Admiral Sir F. 3Iaitland, K.C.B., by Sit James Graham, Bart.

Mr. Long, by the Earl of Northesk. Mr. alaberly, M.P., by the Duke of Richmond. Mr. Knowles, by hisfather, Adm. Sir C. Knowles, Bart., G.C.B.

Vice-Adtn. Hon. Sit Henry Hotham, on his no- mination to the Mediterranean command, by Sir J. Graham.

Adm. Murray (of theWhite), by Sir J. Graham. Mr. Alcock, by Col. Wood.

Mr. Maul, by Lord Mayo.

Lieut.-Col Peddle, on his appointment to the 31st Regiment, by Lord Hill.

Mr. W. Camay, by Admiral Redd. Corn. It. Hiatt, by the Hon. Vice-Adm. Fleming. 31aj.-Oen. Kearney, on his promotion, by lien. Loftus.

Mr. John Bowden, by Capt. Montagu. Maj.-Gen. Young, on promotion, by Col. Sir A. Dickson, K.C.bt.

Col. Latter, on promotion, by Maj.-Gen. Hard- wicke.

Lieut.-Col. 11 on. George R. Trevor, on his ap- pointment to the command of the Royal Car. marthen Militia.

Lieut..Col. Moberly, on being appointed Sur-

reyor-General of the Ordnance, by Sir J Kempt. Mr. B. Walrond, ort his marriage, by the Earl of


Lieut.-Col. Yorke, on being appointed Aid-de- Camp to the 31aster-General of the Ordnance, by Sir J. Kempt. Mn. Henry Clive, NIX., by Lord Clive. Mr. F. Dundas, by the Hon. 'tear-Adm. Dundas. Lieut.-Gen. Cookson, on his promotion and return from the Continent.

Mr. liosanquet, Sub-Governor of the South Sea Company, by Lord Bexley.

Lieut.-Col. Cooper, on being appointed Secretary to the Master-General of the Ordnance, by Sir James Kempt. Col. Tremenhere on being appointed one of Ids Majesty's Aids!de-Camp, by Sir J. Graham. Mr. J. March Phillips, on his reappointment as Under Secretary of State, by Lord Melbourne. • Col. Douglas, Aid.de-Camp to the King, on his return (mm Canada, by Duke of Wellington. Mn. Harcourt, by the Archbishop of York. Mr. Harrison, by Sir A. d'E see. Lleut.-Gen. Bayly Wallis, by Lleut..Gen. Sir Willoughby Gordon.

Maj.-Gen. Nicolay, by Via. Godericb.

Mr. James Brogden, by Vis. Palmerston. Mr. Villiers, by Col. Thornton.

Sir. litotes. by Sir C. Hunter.

Mr. John Norton, by Lord Hill.

Mr. Chapman, by Lord Downes.

Mr. Butler Danvers, on his appointrnent as High Sheriff for Leicestershire, by the Rt. Hon. Six W. H. Fremantle.

Mr. Henry Compton, by Col. Woodford. Mr. Compton, by the Earl of Errol. 111r. Morgan Thomas, .by Col. Wood, on his re- turn from abroad.

Maj. Ryan, on promotion, by Lord Hill. Corn. W. Savage, by Sit James Graham. Mr. II ulse, by Sit C.Hulse. Mr. Hayford, by the Duke of Gordon.

Mr. Samuel Skinner, by Sir (4. Staunton.

Cam. Broughton, on his return from the Coast Of Africa, by Sir James Graham. Corn. J. B. B. Al. Hardy, by Vice-Atm. the Hon. C. Fleming, Corn. Dalyell, by the Earl of Roscbery. Corn. Bagwell, on his promotion and return frorn South America, by Sall. H. Rose, 111.1'. Corn. G. Daniell, on his promotion, by Ld. Harris. Corn. Carter, by Sir James Graham. Lieut.-Col. Thornton, on his promotion, by Col. Thornton.

Col. Sir James Hope, on promotion. Lient.-Col. T. Wemyss, by the Adjutant-Generai, on being appointed lathe Strain Ireand. Lieut.-Co1. Amon, on his marriage, by La. Anson. Lieut.-Col. Eden, on promotion, by Lieut.-Gen.

Sir James Kempt. Col. Campbell, by theDuke of Gordon. Lieut.-Col. Wedgwood, on promotion, by Col, Ream.

Lieut.-Col. Blom, by the Swedish Minister. Col.Sir Hew Ross, by Col. Sir A. Dalrymple. Cardew, at Guernsey, by Sir A. Bryce. Lieut..Col. Clayton, by Gen. Sir George Nugent. Major Deedes, by the Marquis Camden. Capt. 0. Lloyd, by the Earl of Cawdor. Capt. Sir J. B. Pechell, on being appointed one of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, by Sir James Graham.

Capt. J. W. Roberts, by Vice-Adm. Sir J. Gore. Capt. W. Hotham, by Vice-Adm. Sir W. Botha= Lieut..Col. T. S. St. Clair, on receiving his Ma- jesty's permission to accept the Royal Portuguese Order of the Tower and Sword, by the Earl of Roselyn.

Lieut.-Col. J. Michell, prasented by Sir Alen Dickson, on promotion.

Captain Saurin, by the Marquis of Thomond. Hon. Major Fane on returning from America, by the Earl of Westmorland.

IALDuncannon on being appointed Chief Commis- sinner of Words and Forests, by Earl Spencer. Earl Stanhope, to present an address from the Medico-Botanical Society of London.

The Earl of Brecknock, by the Marquis Camden. lion. Lleut.-Gen. Ramsey, on promotion, by the Duke of Gordon.

The Sheriffs of London and Middlesex, to present a petition from the Freeholders of Middlesex. The Rev. V. K. Child, by air. Marshall. Mr. Ewcrlof, Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenantof Norway, Knight of Gustavus Vasa, by tile Swedish alinister.

Rev. J. T. Trevelyan, by Sir Herbert Taylor. - Rev. A. Bouverie, on his marriage, by Lit. Bowe.

Hirt. C..Dering, by theadarquts Camden, 51W. Geary, by tIte, Marquis Camden. Mr. W. Horton, onhis appointment as GovellIOT of Ceylon, by Lard Goderich. Lieut. Mee, byLieut.-Col. Sir A. Dickson. Second-Lieut. R. (i. Parnther, by Sir A. Barnard. Ensign P. Rawlins, by Col. Sir K. Hamilton. Lieut. W. E. Robertson, by the liou. Admiral C. E. Florning. Lieut. Robe, by Maj.-Gen. Nicolay. Lieut. Dupius, by Sir A. Diekson. Lient. R. C. Moody, by Sir A. Bryce. Liout. C. A. Lewis, by Maj.-Gen. Sir C. Dalblac. Lieut. R. S. Hulse, on appointment to the Cold- stream Guards, by Sir Charles Hulse. Capt. Clements, on jeering England, by V1s. Beresford. Capt. Eotridge, on his return from Bermuda and North Amertca. by Col. 1 \11:tley. Capt. P. I lart Dyke, by the Marquis Camdcn. Capt. Illation, by tise Earl of Errol. Capt. Verner, by theLoal in Waiting. Capt. Todd, by Sir W Payne Galway, Capt. Wathen, 13th Hussars, on las marriage, by Earl Howe.

Lieut. C. Short, R.N., by Sir J. Gral am, Bart. Lieut. A. Reed, R.N. on his retorts from the West Indies. by Pechell, Bart. Lieut. Butterfield, R.N., by Sir James Graham. Lieut. Thomas Ross, R.N., by Sir T. M. Hardy. Lieut. G. P. Eyre, R.N., by Sir A!. Maxwell, Lieut. Malcohn, by Sir A. Barnard. Lieut. Trevelyato Bombay Artillery, on his re- turn to India, by Sir Herbert Taylor. Copt. Boyd, Equerry to the Duke of Gloucester, onthis appointment, by Col. Higgins. Lieut. pandas, Coldstream Guards, by his fathers Captain Hondas. Capt. E. Fletcher, on his marriage. by Lord Hill. Lieut. Dashwuod, Grenadier Guards, by Colonel Woodford.

Lieut. Moody, by Sir A. Bryce. Lieut. C. Stoadart, by the Inspector-GeneVal Of Fortiacations.

Capt. Elliott, by Sir W. Inglis. Capt. Finucane, on leaving England, by Sir 1.1 Taylor. Capt. 1101, by the Earl of Albemarle. Capt. H. Smith, R.N. on- his return from the West Indies, by Admiral Fleming. Capt. Hulse, Grenadier Guards, on promotion, by Sir C. Hulse.

Lieut.-Col. Crawford, R.A. on. his ram= from Corfu, by Sir A. Dickson. Capt. Ferguson, U.N. of Pitfour, by the Doke of Gordon.

Lieut.-Col. Whinyates, ILA. on promotion, by Sir A. Dickson.

Lieut.-Gen. Sir T. Dallas, K.C.B. by the Duke of Wellington. Capt. Kirby, R.N. on promotion and return from South America, by the Lord in Waiting. Capt. 11. H. Spence, R.N. by Sir T. Hardy. Capt. Austen, R.N. on returning from the West Indies, by Sir T. Williams. Capt. lion. H. Duncan, it.N. on appointment to the Ordnance, by the Master.lieneral of the Ordnance, Capt. D. Pring, R.N. by Sir J. Graham. Capt. Milcaster, R.N. by Sir T. Hardy.

Capt. 1'. %Vail's, It.N. by Sir ''. Hardy. Capt .W. Butterfield, R.N. by Sir J. Graham.

Subsequent to the levee, the King held a Council ; at which Lord Rosebery, Mr. Michael Angelo Taylor, and Viscount Duncannon were sworn in as Privy Councillors.

The drawing-room was splendid. Happening on the birth-day of the Queen, and being the only one that had taken place for several years, , there was necessarily a crowd of candidates for admission. In honour of the day on which her Majesty entered her thirty-ninth year, the . Park and Tower guns were fired at onc o'clock ; and the chimes of the churches poured forth their monotony of sounds,—of which, unfortur nately, we cannot say that "those who please may hear 'em," for thei dinsome clang assails the ear at every turn, whether the weary auditor please or not. The drawing-room commenced at about two o'clock ; and at that point of time, and for a considerable space after, St. James's Street was canopied with coach-roofs, and the pavement of it and of Pall Mall crammed with spectators of the gay and imposing show. It had been aeranged that the royal and noble persons who have the entrée, as it is called, should proceed to the Palace by Hyde Park Gate and down Constitution Hill, so that those who were only to be presented were not interrupted by their more favoured friends. It is a matter of ancient custom for the boys of Christ Hospital to be introduced to their Ma- jesties at the first drawing-room for the season. They were, on this occasion, headed by Mr. Alderman Thompson, as President, and a de- putation of the managers of the charity. The boys, forty in number, knelt before the King and Queen, and exhibited their drawings ; and, in the simplicity of their years and of their antique attire, they did not form the least interesting part of the motley picture exhibited in the rooms. When the boys had quitted the presence, the Queen took her place on the centre of the throne, surrounded by the Royal Family, with the King, at a short interval, on her right ; and the presentations be- gan. The candidates for Royal smiles were first introduced to the King ; they then passed on, and were introduced to the Queen. The walk—for an introduction of this sort is literally a walk—lasted about two hours ; during which, the following personages passed before the throne.

The Duchess of Northumberland, on her Grace'S appointment to be Governess to her Royal High. ness the Princess Victoria, by her Royal High- ness the Duchess of Kent.

Iliad. Bermudez, the Lady of, the Spanish Minis-

ter, by the Lord Chamberlain to the Queen. Mrs. Hugh Bantle. by the Duchess of Gordon. Lady Richardson, by the March. of Westmeath. Miss Flower, by the March. of Westmeath. Lady Byron, by the Lord Chamberlain. Countess of Rosebery, by 'Viscountess Anson. Miss Blackwood, by Lady Blackwood. Hon. Miss lieoyon, by [helium Mrs. E. Cast La Bartow° Anseltne de Rothschild, by the Mar. chimers Wellesley. Hon. Lady Blackwood, by the Lord Chamberlain. Viscount. LiWord, by the LEL Chamberlain to the Amen.

Mrs. C. Itithardson,by the March, of Westmeath. Hon. Miss lIewittby her mother,Viscount.Lifford. Count. of Porn trake, by the March- of Lansdowne. Hon. Mrs. Sonya'', by Countess Amherst, The Countess of Plymouth, by Countess Amherst. Lady AL Herbert, by the /If arch. of Lansdowne. Hon. Mrs. Bowles, be the Countess of Pembroke. Hon. Baroness Dimsciale, by the March. Salisbury. The March. of Thomond, by the March. of Westmeath.

The Duchess of St. Alban's,by Lady F. Beauclerk. Brookes, F.R.S. on his return from the Continent, by the Ld.Chamborlain to the Queen. The Count. of Pomfret. on coming to her title, by her mother, the Hon. Lady Ilurrough.

Hon. Miss Tumour, by Countess Amherst. lion. Dirs. P. Fraser, by the Countess of Cawdor. The Count. of Wicklowoby the Count. of Aberdeen. Hon. Mrs. G. Herbert, by the Count. of Denbigh. Dow. COUllt. of Morton, by the Dow. Lady Ellen. borough. Count. of Bridgewater, by the March. of Stafford. Mr. T. Egerton, on his marriage, by the Afarquis of Ely. Countess of Sandwich, by Lady Brownlee:. Mons. le Merchant, Principal Secretary to the Ld. Chancellor, by the Lord Chancellor. Mr. Colquhoun, Agent and Consul-General for thu Hance Towns, by Viscount Palmerston, Hon. alrs. G. Disbrowe, by Lady Taylor. Viscountess Tumour, by Countess Amherst. lion. W. Temple, by VIscount Palmerston. Mr. Burge, as Agent for Jamaica, by Viscount Goderich. Hon. Mrs. Hare, by the Countess of Listowell. Hon. Mrs. Anson, on her marriage, by LailyJeroey. Hon. Miss Milford, by the Countess of Brownlow. 111r. T. Poynder, Treasurer of Christ's Hospital, by Earl Howe. Mr. Mandeville. his Majesty's Secretary of Em- bassy in Portugal, by Lord Palmerston. lion. Mrs. Westenra, by the March. Downshire. The Countess of Listowell, by the Lord Chambers. lain to the Queen. Lead Montagu, by ilfarquis Graham. The Right Hon. Lady Downes, by the March. of Westmeath.

Mr.Arrhdeacon ifeadlam, by the Bp. of London. The Hon. Mrs, Hallam, by Lady F. Hotham. Stir. B. Challoner, by the Marquie of Ely. Sir. J. Shaw, Bart. Chamberlain of London, by the Duke of Sussex.

lion. Mos. Edward Fletcher, on marriege, by the Countess of Denbigh. Lord Prudhoe, hy the Duke of' Northomberland. Rev. T. F. Foord Bowes, ChapOoin to his Majesty, , on his appointment. Alderman Thonipson, M.P. President of Christ's Hospital, by Earl Howe. The Hon. Sirs. A. Cochrane, by Lady U. Long. Sir Robert Kennedy, by Gen. SirJohn Doyle. Re, S. LeggattChaplain to his Majesty's Forces at Portsmouth, by Lord Hill. • Sir G. Shee,Under Sec. of State, bylls.Palmerston. Lady Mary Wood, by the Countess of Carlisle. Lady Ella. O'Bryen, by the March. of Thomond. Lady Philips, by the Countess of Cawdor. Lady Story D'Ilryen, by the March, of Thomond. Lady H. Baring, by the Countess of Jersey. Lady B. Johnstone, by Lady Elizabeth Harcourt Lady Harriet Clive, by CoontessAmherst. Lady Price, by the Dowager March. of Salisbury. Lady la Beauclerk, by the Dowager March. of Salisbury.

Lady Hamilton, by the Countess of Wicklow. Lady Berries, by Lady Emily Ilardinge. Lady ;sr. Beauclerk,by the Duel., 01St. Alban's. Lady Whitshed, by the Lady in Waiting. Lady John Thynne, by the Count ess of Cawdor. Lady L:Beauclerk, by the Duchess of Stoellban's. Lady Gardiner, by the Duchess of Kent. Lady M. Leslie, by her mother,CE unless of Rothes Lady PhillIpps, by Viscountess Tumour. Lady Eliz. Smyth, by the Countess of Ellet0D. Lady Elizabeth Wathen, on her marriage, by the

Countess of Rothes.

Lady Mary Long, by the Countess of Northesk. Lady Wvnford, by Lady Grantley. Lady Soiheron, by Lady Keats. Lady L. Kilderbee, by her sister, I ady F. ilotham. Mrs.W. IL Poland, by the Lady Mayoress. Lady Brownrigg. by Lady Taylor. Mrs. W. Taylor, by the Countess s f Sandwich. Mrs. W. Wynn, by the March. of Lansdowne. Miss W. WE no, by Mrs. Williams Wynn. Mrs. W. Crimar, by Mrs. Whatley. Lady T. S. Rice, by the Countess ofWicklow. Lady C. Lindsay, by the Counte, of sheineld. Lady Clerk, by the Dowager Lady Ellerdiorough. Lady L. Cornwallis, by the Dodo os of Gordon. Lady C.Egorton, on her marriagaby Mrs.Egerton. Lady J. St. Maur, by the Countess of Albemarle. Lady Saumarez,by the Countess if Northesk. Miss Mellish, by the Dowager Ditches of Leeds. Lady Dua Gordon, by the Duchess of Gordon. Lady .1. Stuart, by the March. of Lansdowne. Lady E. Cornwallis, by the Duch, ss of Gordon. Lady Richardson, by the March. of Westmeath. Lady It'. Holmes, by the Counteos of Listowell. Lady Williams, by Lady*Cockbutn.

IlIrs. de Rothschild, by the March. Wellesley. Mrs. C. Marshal, by the Lady Moyoress. Mrs. Montagu, by the Countess ot Sandwich. Mrs. Stratford Dugdale, by Countess Howe. Mrs. Itisse Challoner, by the March. of Ely. Mrs. G. F. St. John, by Lady Krowles. Mrs. N. Halsey, by the Countess cf Clarendon. Mrs. John Round, by the March. IVelleoley. Mrs. Edmund Jerningham, by the Dowager Lady Bedingfield.

Mrs. John Campbell, by Lady Rtntllesham. Mrs. George Tyler, by Lady Tay 'or. Mrs.Compton, by the Countess AO Errol. Mrs. V. Smith, by the March. of Lansdowne. Mrs. Lane Fox, by Lady Catherire Buckley. 31rs. R. J. Harrison, by Mrs. R. Williams. Mrs. II. Mildmav, by the Count. of Albemarle. Mrs. Sturges Bolin*, by Mrs. tlswley. Mrs. Macdonald, by Lady Taylor. Mrs. Long, by Lady Jane lion,on.

Mrs. J. B. Estcourt, on her in. rriage, by XIS. Sotheron,

Miss Macdonald, by Mrs. Macdonald.

Miss Cooper Cooper, by her mother, Mrs. Cooper


Miss Tong by the Countess of Northesk. i. , Mrs. Stanley. by Lady Jane Houston.

Miss E. Hamilton, by her mother, Lads Hamilton. Miss licsketh, by Lady Shelley. Miss Flower, by the AI archiopeso of Westmeath. Aliss S. Rice, by Lady T. S. Rice.

Mm. Williams, by Lady Taylor.

Mrs. Harrison, by Mrs. R. Wilson. Miss Wetherell, by Mrs. Gen. Wethemll, Mrs. T. S. Barton, by the Rt. Flom Lady Downes, Miss Harriet Whitohed, by Lady Whitohed. Miss Bowden, by Mrs. Bowden.

St iss Montagu, by the Duchess of Montrose. Miss Dories, by the Countess of Cowden Miss Tierney, by the Countess of Clarendon. Miss Brood, by Mrs. General aVetherall. Vice•Admirat Sir R. Otway, Groom of the Bed- chamber to ltio Majesty, by the D. of Devonshire.

Admiral Sir James Whitshed, by the Lord Cham- berlain to the Queen. Maj.-Gen. Sir 11, Douglas, Groom of the Bed. chamber to his !loyal II ighness the Duke of Gloucester, by Colonel Curry. Col. Sir R. Gardiner, Aid-de-Camp to the King, by Prince LE mold. Lieut.-Col. Kammer, Silver Stick in Waiting, by Lord 11111.

Capt. Ainslie, Royal Dragoons, by Maj.-Gen. Sir II, Douglas. Mrs. lien. Brooke, by the Countess of Wicklow.

Miss Bishop, by Lady Caroline Wood. 31 iss Halsey, by the Countess of Clarendon.

Miss Hamilton, by lady Belhaven. Ali, 31. Burgoyne, by Mrs. K. Williatne, Ol ios A. Hamilton, by her mother, Lady Hamilton.

Miss Sauntarez, by the Countess of Non-twits. Mi.; L. flotham, by her mother, the lion. Mrs.


Miss Si. Tierney, by the Countess of Clarendon. Miss IlerriesaG Lady Emily Hardinge, Alisi Bloomfield, by Lady Mary borough.

Silos Howley and )Jissll. Howley, byMrs. Howley. Miss (5. Bloomfield, by Lady Mary borough. Miss Slash, by the Marchioness of Westmeath. Miss Sturges Bourne, by Mrs. Howley.

Miss H. Slash, by the Marchioness of Westmeath- Miss quentin, by Lady Quentin.

Mrs. scarlett, by Lady kendleshano Mrs. Ellice, by the Marchioness of Ciamicarde. Mrs. Chambers, by the Duchess Dowager of Leeds.

Mrs. Bishop, by Lady Caroline Wood. Mrs. Norton, by Mrs. Sotherott

Mrs, IT, Bettina, by Latly'llawkins %Slashed.

Sir,. Hamilton, by Lady Belhaven. Airs. Egerton, by Lady Bridgwater. Mrs. Buck, by the Countess of Morley. Mrs. Stoner, by Mrs. Seymour.

Mrs. BoWden, by Lady Radstock, Mrs. Greene, by the Manrniones, of Downshire.

WIII. Watson, by Sir., Wetherell. -

The Duke of al. Alban'o, by Admiral Lord A,ne- ties Earl of Roden. by the Lord in Irrating. The Marquis of Tito:nand, by Lord J. O'Bryen. Mr. John Norton, by Lord 11111.

alr. R. la Fitzhaiiort, by the afar. or Clanricarde.

Mr. Coleman, Lieut. of his Majesty's Yeomen of the Guard, by the Marquis Clattrioarde. Mr. Win, Douglas, of New York, by the Earl of Errol.

Sir. Newton, on being appointed Miniature Painter in Ordinary to their Alajesties. Alr. Compton, by- the Earl of Errol. Dir, Charles Villiers, Secretary to the Master of the Rolls, by the Master of the Rolls.

Mr. Charles Shadwell. Secretary to the Vice- Chancellor, by the Vice-Chancellor. Mr. Monk, Santa of the Yeomen Guard, by the 'Marg. of Clanricarde. Mr. Whitshetl, attached to his Majesty's Legation at 3Iadrid, by Admiral Sir J. Whitshed. Mr Charles Gore, by the Duke of Susseo.

Mr. Cipriani, Elton of the Yeomen Guard, by the

• 3arq. of Chnricarde.

.J..lolell the Earl of Mayo. syLnTi‘apitheDukeofCant.

bridge, by Sir R. Price. Hon. and Rev. Frederick Hothant by Admiral Sir Henry flotham. lion. Lieut.-General Ramsay, on promotion, by the Duke of Gordon.

The Rey. J. 't' Orevelyan,hy Sir It. Taylor. Lord John Russell, by Lord Alamo,. ' Visrount Boringdon, by Viscount Goderiat Lord Doncannoo, as Chia Cetniniosioner of Woods, by the Lord in Waiting.

Mrs. Stratford Dugdale, by Beroaosi ilowe. Mrs. Brownrigg, by Lady Brownrieta line two alioses Jrnmer, by Indy M. Wynyarti. Mrs. Norton, by Mrs. Allarht011.

31 iss Campbell, by the Mae, of Gordon. al S l'iseuo mess Taoism.

511, I ',Hoot, by the II on, rs. I.. Herbert.

Lady G motley, to, Lady Clarendon, on her mar- riage. lion. Sirs, korge Herbert, by Lady Stepney. Lady Prioe, by the Dow. Ol arch. of Salis.buro. Miss leis, by the Countess Cawdor.

The lion. airs. Green, by the March. Downshire, SI r,. ichardson, by the Al arch. Raottneath, The ill,,.. Manners Sutton, by the Duchess of ontrose.

Lieut.-Gen. lion. Sir W. Lumley, Grootn of the Bedchamber to the King, by the Alarquis of Winchester.

all, Cockerell, by her mother, the Hon. Lady Coekerell.

aliss Cochrane, by the lion. Mrs. A. Cothran°. Miss C. Cochrane, by the Hon. Mrs, A. Cochrane, Miss Augusta Borough, by her mother, tile Bon. Lady Borough.

:Rios Fitzgerald, by the Countess of Listowell. al., Joiner and 31 is* Charlotte Jesmer,IG Lady M. Wynyar,h.

Si iss Fitorov, bv the Marchioness of Wellesley. Al is, M. Fdtgerala, by the count. of Listowell. iss Harriet Dotto1ao of New York, by the hi atoltione, of Wellesley.

Si i, I Iorrocks, by (only Knowles.

Ol Cadogan, by Mrs. Oadogan. 31 is, Italia/. by the Counte, of Denbigh. iss Anna Lasoelles, by the Hon. Laity cookbarn.

Alisn. Lascelles, by use lion. Lady Cockburn. Shiest, 11. Sutton. Ity the Duchess of 51ontrese. 31 iso E. Caleraft. by the March. Wellesley. Miss Knowles, by her mother, Lady Knowles. al iss C. Si. Suttrno by the Duchess or almorose. SI ins F. Si. Sutton, by the Duchess Eif SloscteoOe. Lady Kennedy, by the Countess of Pomfret. Lady Jana Waltood, on her marriage, by the Countess of Jersey. Lady Franoto Shirley, by Lady Cockburn, Lady Inglio by c outites; Howe.

Lady Al on teat:, 1, tlie Duchess of Montrose. Indy Itolloir, Ins Ledy Sandford Graham. lady Burgoyne, to Sir., Rola. Williams. Lady Follett, by (nay Hownes.

Lady show Stuart, tiy the March. of Downstare. al iso Symonds, by the auotoss nf Northesk: Miss Frederica 111.51, tn fouly (',..ronne Wood. Miss V. Harcourt, ley I ni Ii, 11,M-onset. Aliss Burgoyne, hy 51 rs. 1;W.! . Miss Buck, by the Coonte, of 31,aley. 31 iss Swettoatain, by the aimoo, I Amherst, Lady Chatterrno, by Lady aryboroogh. Lady C. alontaou, by the Comae, of sandwieft 5liss H. 1 GoollEon, by her mother, Lady Hamilton, Aliss Roche, by her mother, the I Ion. Mrs. Burton, Lady Charlotte Bury, Inc the March. of StatiOrd. Lady Constable. by the Dow. Lady Bedingfield. Lally H. Primrose, by the 4lountess of Rosebery. Lady S. Grioley, by the March. of Londonderry. Miss M. Montagu, bo the Duchess of Montrose. Miss Compton, toy the Comiteso of Errol. Miss Martin, by Lady Martin.

We perceive that the Daily Pm pers have given the dresses of the ladies introduced at the drawing-room, and some of our weekly content- poraries have followed the example. We are not much skilled in the mysteries of ladies' toilets, and our space could ill afford five hundred paragraphs for gowns and petticoats. We must content ourselves with the dresses of the Royal Family. Were we to take any of the rest, we should be at a loss for a rule of selection.

The Queen—A point lace dress, of the Honiton manufacture, over white satin; train of rose-coloured velvet, lined with white satin, trimmed with point lace to cor- respond. (The velvet was presented to her Majesty by the Spitallields weavers.) Head-dress, feathers, and a magnificent wreath of diamonds. Also a necklace, ear- rings, and bouquet of diamonds. The Landyrarine of ilessc-liomburg—A dress of Brussels point lace, over white satin ; white satin train, trimmed with Brussels lace. Head-dress, feathers and diamonds.

The Duthess of Gloucester—A net dress, embroidered with silver,the body and sleeves ornamented with diamonds and Brussels lace; a dark red velvet train, embroidered with silver palm leaves, and a silver border.

The Duchess of Cumberland—A robe of white and silvr ti;sue, trimmed with white satin epaulettes. The train composed of silver and Cher' o-colottred tissue, with a rich border : the whole lined with white satin. Ilead-dress, a noble plume of white fea- thers, diamond tiara, surtuounted by a row of large diamond stars ; blond lappets. The Duchess of Kent—A silver brocade dress, of the Spitaitields manufacture, trimmed with a richly-embroidered flounce ; train of sky-blue tabinet, brocaded with silver, of Irish manufacture, and lappets. Ilea:I-dress, corsage, diamond flowers, combs, and feathers. The Princess Augusta—A brocaded silver tissue dress, over white satin, elegantly trimmed with broad blond lace; garniture composed of Island lace, intermixed with blue and silver bouquets; =ideal' of blue Velvet, trimmed with blond lace and flowers, corresponding with the dress. Head-dress a splendid silver toque, with diamonds and feathers.

Princess Victuria—An elegant dress of Nottingham blond lace, over rich white satin.

In the evening of Thursday, there were brilliant illuminations over a large portion of the town in honour of her Majesty's birth-day ; and the national anthem was sung at the Theatres. Thus, the first drawing- room of a Queen that had been held for more than ten years, lacked no- thing of pomp or circumstance to render it generally attractive. We find it stated in a morning- paper, and repeated in one of the evening papers, that on the night of Tuesday, on returning from the Theatre, a stone was thrown at his Majesty's carriage, by 'which the window was broken, shut fortunately without injury to those who rode within. We do not know what to make of a story which seems to be exclusive in these two journals, and which, we should have supposed, had it been true, must have been pretty generally known. It appears incredible, that, unless from carelessness or accident, any insult, much less injury, should be offhred to the King, who is really and truly one of the most popularly-beloved men in England.