26 FEBRUARY 1831, Page 13

VESTRIS'S LEns.—Thomas Papera was indicted on Tuesday for steal- ing.

a variety of casts in plaster of Paris, value 2s. Gd., the property of James 3lillest Papera and partner. The principal article alleged to be stolen was a cast of Madame Vestris's leg. The evidence not being sufficient to support the charge, the prisoner was acquitted. ROBBERY IN COURT:At the termination of the Old Bailey sittings on Tuesday evening, a Juror complained that his greatcoat had been stolen from the Jury-box. The Common Sergeant regretted the gen- tleman's loss, and said it was lamentable that even the Courts of Justice were not sanctuaries which would protect from roguery. Ile remem. bered to have heard [and we too have heard the story only thirty-nine times], that tbe late Chief Baron Richards once had his coat stolen ; and on the same day, a person applied before him to justify bail, dressed in the same coat, and was opposed on the part of the creditor : the learned Judge, from the respectable manner in which the surety was dressed, allowed the bail to be accepted, and justification was made.

INDICTMENT AGAINST COBBETT.—Tile author of the Political Register has traversed his trial till next session. He says he shall move it into the Court of King's Bench.

PICKING A POCKET ON HORSEBA.CW:AS a farmer was returning from Liskeard fair, a young woman begged him to take her up behind him on his horse, as she was very tired. He good-naturedly complied ; but after riding a short distance she dismounted, and the fanner soon ffiund that she had robbed him of seven sovereigns.