26 FEBRUARY 1831, Page 14



Lady WILLIAM MONTAGU, of a son. On the 21st inst. in Longhorn Place, the lady of GEORGE PALMER, Esq. of a daughter. At Brighton, the Honourable Mrs. ANDERsoN, of a son. On the 19th inst. at Meraham-hatch, the lady of Sir EDWARD KNATCHEULL, of a son.

On the 23rd inst. in Wigmore Street, the lady of J. J. BoxTox, Esq. M. P. of a

daughter. MARRIAGES. On the 30th of August, 1830, at St. Phillip's Church, Sydney, New South Wales, by the Rev. W. Cooper, ALFRED POTTER, Esq. second son of John Potter, Esq. of Green Bank Hall, Lancashire, and of Grosvenor Square, Manchester, to Miss JANE Fisnan, niece of Dr. Wardell. The Rev. WALROND WHITTER, of Cullompton, to FRANCEs, second daughter of the late Thomas Kennaway, Esq. of the City of Exeter. On the 17th inst. in the Parish Church of Fareham. Hants, the Rev. Taomas

WENT WORTH GAGE, eldest sou of J. Gage, Esq. to Lady MARY Do trozAs, second

daughter of the Marquis of Queensberry. On the 17th inst. in Devonshire, ALFRED, Lord HURLEY, heir-apparent to the Earl of Oxford, to ELIZA, daughter of the Marquis of Westmeath.

On the 23rd inst. at Hurst Church, the Rev. Jons: VINE y BUTTON, of Binfield,

Berks. to ANN, fourth daughter of the late Pettus Harman, of Binfield, Berks. DEATHS. On the 31st ult. at }Buckley, ROBERT CHESSHER, Esq. Member of the College of Surgeons London, in his 79th year. In Dublin, the Rev. ARCHDEACON S3ITTII. On the 18th inst. at Cricket St,Thomas, Somerset, the Right Hon. DIARY SOPHIA, relict of the late Admiral Hood, Lord Viscount Bridport, in her 85th year.

On the 22nd inst. in Bruton Street, Dowager Lady. SCOTT, relict of the late Sir

Claude Scott, Bart. in her 82nd year. At his house, Park Crescent, Jo nsr CHAMIER, Esq. in his 77th year.

On the 2Ist inst. in Connaught Place, BlAnv, the wife of Sir John Edmond de


At Brighton, General Lord CHARLES H. SOMERSET, in his 64th year. On the 23rd inst. JAMES B ULLA:VD, Esq. in his 86th year. On the 3rd of January, at New Orleans, of typhus fever, aged 22 years, Mr. JOHN WOODMAN MUSGROVE, of the firm of Forstall and Musgrove, of that City, and eldest sou of Dlr. Robert Musgrove, of Liverpool.