26 FEBRUARY 1831, Page 14


Arrived. At Gravesend, Feb. 24th, Madras, Bsach, from Madras. At Cowes, Feb. 21st, George Canning, Jackson, from Mauritius, with damage. At St. Helena, Dec. 31st, W. G. Anderson, 111'111illan, from the Cape. Jan. 1st, Maria, Palmer, from Mauritius; and, Olive Branch, Anderson, from the Cape ; 6th, Children., Duracher ; and 7th, Protector, Thomas, both from Mauritius. At the Cape, Dec. 17th, Sovereign, 111‘Killar ; 18th, Courier, Palmer ; 19th, Catherine, Fenn ; 20th, Ionia, Buck ; and Fame, Bullen, all from London. Dec. 20th, City of Edinburgh, 3I'Kinnon, from Bristol. At Ceylon, Oct. 1st, Sir Joseph Banks, Fraser, from London. At Madras, Oct. 1st, Protector, Waugh ; 2nd, Marquis of Hastings, Short; 10th, Henry Porcher, Redman ; 11th, Coromandel, Boyes ; Lady East, Denny ; and Stakesby, Johnson ; 17th, James Sibbald, Cole ; 18th, Orontes, Baker; and 19th, Bengal Merchant, Fox, all from London. At Bengal, Oct. 3rd, Cornwall, Bell, from London and Madras; 7th, Roxburgh Castle, Buttenshaw, from London; 9th, Portland, Miller, from Leith; 10th, Malcolm, Eyles ; Reco- very, Chapman ; and Lady Kennaway, Moncrieff, all from London and Madras ; 24th, Bland, Callan, from London.

Sailed. From Gravesend, Feb. 19th, H. C. S. Repulse, Gribble, for Madras, Bengal, and China. 20th, H. C. S. Vansittart, Scott, for Bengal and China ; and Magnet, Watkins, for the Cape. 23rd, Duke of Roxburgh, Brown, for Bombay. 24th, Lady Nugent, Wimble, for Madras- From Liverpool, Feb. 20th, Nandi, Hawkins, for Bengal. 23rd, Alexander, Green, for Van Diernan's Land.

Spoken. Calypso, from Newcastle to the Cape, 5th Jan., 4 north, 23 west. North Briton, from Leith to Van Dieman's Laud, 10th Jan., 8 north, 22 west.