26 FEBRUARY 1831, Page 19


The Anniversary Meeting of this Society was held at its apartments; in Somerset House, on the morning of Friday, the 18th inst., for the purpose of electing officers for the ensuing year, in the room of those retiring at the expiration of their fixed periods of service. The Rev. ADAM SEDG WICK, Woodwardian Professor in the University of Cam- bridge, &e., President, in the chair. The late Dr. Wollaston having bequeathed to the Geological Society 10001., the interest to be employed annually in recompensing or encou.

raging geological inquiries, and the Council having directed a medal to be struck bearing the impress of Dr. Wollaston, the first of these, to- gether with a sum of money, had been adjudicated to Mr. W. Smith. Before the delivery of this medal, the President gave a Chronological account of the discoveries of Mr. W. Smith, by which he justified the terms of the following award, viz.—" That the first Wollaston medal be given to Mr. W. Smith, in consideration of his being a great original discoverer in English Geology, and especially for Isis having been The first to discover and to teach the identification of strata, and their succesg, lion by means of imbedded fossils."

The meeting then proceeded with the usual business of the day, and the ballot having closed, the undermentioned were declared to be chosen out of the new Council as the officers of the Society.

President—Roderick Impey Murchison, Esq., F.R.S., L.S., &c. Vice- Presidents—W. J. Broderip, Esq., F.R.S., L.S., &c.; Davies Gilbert, Esq., 11I.P., V.P.R.S., &c.; Reverend W. Buckland, D.D., F.R.S., &c. ; and the Reverend W. Coneybeare, F.R.S., &c. Secretaries—Dr. Turner, F.R.S., &c.; and Henry Thomas de la l3eche, Esq., F.R.S., &e. Foreign Secretary—Charles Lyell, Esq., F.R.S., L.S., &c. Treasurer— John Taylor, Esq., F.R.Ss; &c.

In the evening, the Fellows and their friends, to the number of nineM

dined at the Crown and Anchor ; the newly-elected President, Mr. MURCHISON, in the Chair. Among the company were Sir John -John. stone, Bart., M.P. ; Sir Philip Egerton, Bart., M.P. - Lieutenant. General Sir Rufane Donkin' K.C.B. - Mr. Herschel ; dr. A. B. Lam- bert, V.P.L.S.; Professors Bucklanci, Sedgwick, Whewell, Thirlwall, &c.; Mr. Davies Gilbert, M.P., V.P.R.S.; Mr. G. Rennie, V.P.R.S.; Mr. J. Rennie; Drs. Fitton, Roget, Turner, Sutherland, &c. ; Mr. Greenough ; Mr. Leonard Homer; Mr. Broderip ; Mr. Vigors; Mr. W. Blencowe ; 11Ir. C. Lyell; Mr. de la Beche ; the Chevalier de Bronsted; Mr. Whishaw ; Mr. Blake ; Mr. Lockhart; Mr. H. Ellis ; Mr. J. Taylor; • Mr. Charles Barclay, M.P. • Mr. A. Kett Barclay ; Captain Basil Hall, R.N.; Captain P. P. King, R.N.; Mr. Guil. lemard, &c. Sic. The party finally adjourned to the Society's apart- ments, at Somerset House; when the Ex-President, Professor Sedg. wick, delivered his annual Oration on the present state of Geology, and its progress during the previous year.