26 FEBRUARY 1831, Page 19


THE French are oracles of dress, and therefore a work illustrative of the costumes of the fashionable world comes with proper grace, and bearing the stamp of authority, from a Parisian artist. Mr. MANsioN, one of the most eminent miniature painters in Paris, has produced the first of a series of highly-finished coloured drawings of " Le Costume du Haut Ton," which are not only infinitely superior to any work of " Fashions" hitherto published, but are really beautiful as works of art. Each plate represents a lady in modern fashionable costume ; and the best corroboration of the correctness of the modes delineated, is to be found in the circumstance of the first figure being attired in a cos- tume of similar materials (velvet and swansdown) to that worn by the Queen when she visited the Theatre on Tuesday night. A series of costumes for fancy ball dresses is also intended to be published. Both works will be accompanied with descriptive letterpress for the information of the " Marchandes des Modes."