26 FEBRUARY 1853, Page 19


On the 8th December, at Bangalore, the Wife of S. Lawrence Cox, Esq., Surgeon, Madras Horse Artillery, of a son. On the 16th February, in Warwick Terrace, Belgrave Road, the Lady of John Brady, Esq., M.P., of a son, still-born.

On the 17th, at Bournemouth, the Wife of Colonel Charles Begot, of a daughter. On the 17th, in Hyde Park Place, Cumberland Gate, the Lady Charlotte Watson Taylor, of a son.

On the 17th, at Milford Lodge, Lymington, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Car- penter, of a daughter. On the 17th, at Lee, Kent, the Wife of the Rev. R. D. Harris, of a daughter. On the 18th, at Clarendon Park, Wilts, Lady Hervey Bathurst, of a son. On the 18th, in Upper Seymour Street, the Lady Caroline Lister Kaye, of a son. On the 19th, at Balgowme Lodge, Aberdeenshire, the Wife of Alexander Robert-

son, Esq., of a son and heir.

On the 19th, at 13edgebury Park, Kent, Lady Mildred Hope, prematurely, of a dtughter. On the 19th, at Woolston, Devon, the Wife of William Lees, Esq. of • son. On the 20th, in Belgrave Square, the Wife of the P:ght Hon. Sidney Herbert, of a son.

On the 21st, at Woolwich Common, Lady Louisa Spencer, of a son.

On the 21st, at Hale House, Oakley, the Wife of the Rev. Samuel Dendy, of a 6011. On the 22d, at Brighton, the Wife of S. Laing, Esq., M.P., of a daughter.

On the 22d, at the Rectory, lianwell, Middlesex, the Wife of the Rev. Charles Clarke, of a daughter.

On the 23d, at the Manor House, Holt, Wilts, the Wife of John Neeld, Esq., M.P., of a son.

On the 25th, in Brunswick Square, the Wife of the Rev. Philip B. Power, of a daughter.


On the 17th February, at Trinity Church, Diarylehone, William Hammond, only son of S. Reynolds Solly, Esq., of Serge 11111, Herte, and of Manchester Square, to Catherine Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Goldfinch, K.C.B., of Upper Wimpole Street.

On the 17th, at Chippenham Church, John Richard, eldest son of John Ravenhill, Esq., of Ashton House, near Heytesbury, to Fanny, only daughter of Thomas Pike Pocock, Esq., of Pew Hill House, Chippenham. On the 22d, at Kensington Church, Captain Frederick Maude, son of the Hon. and Rev. John Charles Maude, and nephew of Lord Viscount Hawarden, to Cathe- rine, daughter of the late Very Rev. Sir George Bisshopp, Bart., Dean of Lismore, and sister of Sir George Curzon Bisshopp, Bart.

On the 24th, at Tunbridge Wells, Le Comte Alexandre de Bylandt, son of General Comte de Bylandt, of Mastlandt, Breda, Holland, to Harriette Mary, only daughter of James Deane, Esq.' of Cumberland House, Tunbridge Wells.

On the 24th, at St. James's Church, Paddington, Captain Brook John Knight, youngest son of the late Edward Knight, Esq., of Gomersham Park, Kent, and Chew- ton House, Hants, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Charles Pearson, Esq., of Glouces- ter Square, Hyde Park, and late of Wormleybury, Herts.


On the 28th December, near Cuttack, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles St. John Grant, commanding the Forty-second Regiment Madras N. I., son of the late Charles Thomas Grant, Esq., of Grant. On the 28th January, at Nice, George Fitz-Gerald, Esq., only son of the late Lord Robert Fitz-Gerald.

On the 10th February, at Corfu. Georgina, wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Pester, Royal Artillery, and daughter of the late Sir John and Lady Emily Macleod. On the 11th, at Naples, the Earl of Belfast ; in his 26th year. On the 16th, John Bill, Esq., of Farley Hall, Staffordshire ; in his 58th year. On the 17th, at Cheltenham, Major-General Allan, C.B., Colonel of the Fiftieth Regiment. On the 18th, at Stretton-en-le-field, Derbyshire, Sophia Louisa, wife of S. W. Clowes, Esq., and daughter of Sir Richard Sutton, Bart. On the 190, Dr. John Kaye, Bishop of Lincoln ; in his 70th year. On the 19th, at Farm Hall, Godmanchester, Margaret, relict of John Lindsell, Esq.. of St. Ives, Heats; in her 92d year.

On the 20th, in Eaton Terrace' Dowager Lady Nicolson, widow of Major-General

Sir William Nicolson, Dart.; in her 74th year.

On the 20th, in Chester Street, Grosvenor Place, the Right Rev. William Grant,

Lord Bishop of Sydney and Metropolitan of Australasia; in his 64th year. On the 20th, at White House, Barnby, Richard liodgkinson, Esq., late of Morton Grange, near Retford, Notts; in his 74th year. On the 21st, at Leeds, the Rev. Robert Fountaine Elwin, Rector of Wilby-with- Hargham, in Norfolk ; in his 69th year. On the 22d, in Chesterfield Street, May Fair, the Hon. Miss Upton. On the 22d, at her residence, Lambeth, Mrs. Anne Wyman ; in her 934 year.