26 FEBRUARY 1853, Page 20


Tuesday, Fe&ruary 22. PARTNERSHIPS DissoLvEn.-J. B. and J. Hallett, Bridport, butchers-Taylor and Mosley, Nottingham, accountants-P. E. and W. Coates, Stanton Court, Somerset- shire, attornies-Sharples and Co. Little Bolton, flax-spinners; as far as regards H. Hamer-Thomas and Smith, Leicester, manufacturers of fancy hosiery-Lang and Coombs, Ilminster, ironmongers-Brian and Helm, Halifax, stone-masons-Rath- mell and Richardson, Whitby, coach-makers-Clarke and Co. Liverpool, ship-stove- dealers-Isaacs and Co. Houndsditch, manufacturers of water-proof garments- Bailie and Co. Moorgate Street, merchants-R. U. and J. Potts, South Audley Street, chemists-Tatham and Taylor, Dick Bridge, Lancashire, cotton-spinners-Tipper and Co. Longton, Staffordshire, china-manufacturers-Stmtt and Ledger, Catherine Street, Strand, proprietors of the Era newspaper-Smith and Cox, Birmingham, electro-platers and gdders-Rowdon and Alford, Bayham Terrace, Camden Town, surgedns-Quelle, Brothers, Eussell Street, Bermondsey, fur-skin-dyers ; as far as regard A. Quelle-Bowden and Co. Bowden, Cheshire, linen-drapers ; as far as re- gards W. R. Wilde-Bradshaw and Co. Great Bolton, machine-makers ; as far as re- gards J. Bradshaw-Taplin and Beck, Birmingham, warehousemen-Freeman and Austen, Aylsham, Norfolk, ironmongers-Burbidge and Son, Grantham, wine-mer- chants-Avery and Co. Bristol, wine-merchants; as far as regards J. C. Avery- Thimiett and Broom, Glasgow, sewed-muslin-manufacturers. Reinninprs.-Wmxtem BRYANT, Gilbert Street, Oxford Street, baker, to surrender March 1, April 7 : solicitors, Hilleary, Fenchurch Street ; official assignee, Johnson, Basinghall Street-EDWARD Paws, Birmingham, livery-stable-keeper, March 8, April 6: solicitor, Smith, Birmingham ; official assignee, Bittleston, Birmingham- Cassias Devras, Worcester, innkeeper, March 8, April 12: solicitors, Codes, Wor- cester; Wright, Birmingham ; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham-WILLIAM MoRarrr, Leeds, coach-proprietor, March 11, April 15 : solicitor, Middleton, Leeds ; official assignee, Young, Leeds-ANDREW LOVE and CHARLES KEYS, Liverpool, look- ing-glass-manufacturers, March 3, April 7: solicitors, Taylor, St. Helen's ; Banner, Liverpool ; official assignee, Bird, Liverpool-Enoen Jonas, Bury, iron-founder, March 4, April 8: solicitor, Grundy, Bury ; official assignee, Lee, Manchester. DivrnanDs.-March 15, Graydon, St. Anne's Place, Limehouse, ship-chandler - March 15, Porter, Braintree, grocer-March 16, Cooke, Albert Terrace, Bow, miller -March 15, Summers, Bath Street, City Road, pawnbroker-March 17, Grimble, Sydney Square, Whitechapel builder-March 21, Robinson, Grand Junction Ter- race, Edgware Road, upholsterer-March 15, Cuff, Manchester, hotel-keeper-March 17, Byrom, Manchester, coal-proprietor-March 17, Gadsby jun. Manchester, joiner -March 23, Shute, Bristol, wine-merchant.

CERTIFICATES.-To be granted, Wile.% Cause be 811.01t71 to the contrary, on the day of meeting.-March 16, Cooke Albert Terrace, Bow, miller-March 16, Jones, Ring William Street, coal-agent-March 18, Oates, Finch Lane, tailor-March 18, Capper, Gravesend, victualler-March 18, Jacob, Ingram Court, Fenehurch Street, mer- chant-March 15, Holland and Bradburn, Manchester, commission. agents-April 7, Nicklin, Wolverhampton, ironmonger-March 17, *alien, Leaming,ton Priors, baker.

DacIA.R.Erions OF DrrmaNns.-Bailey, Barstow, Staffordshire, boot-maker ; first div. of 3s. any Thursday; Whitmore, Birmingham-Macgrotty, Liverpool, wine- merchant ; first div. of 84. any Wednesday; Turner, Liverpool-Carr, Barnsley, ironmonger ; first div. of 21. 6d. any Thursday ; Freeman, Leeds-Tainsh, Hatton Garden, dealer in bibles; first div. of ls. 104. Saturday next, and three subsequent Saturdays; Groom, Abchurch Lane-Hatch, Friday Street, furrier; second div. of 25. Saturday next, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Groom, Abchurch Lane-T. and W. Linsell, Piccadilly, tailors ; second and final div. of 44. on Saturday next, and three subsequent Saturdays; Groom, Abchurch Lane-Moody, Goswell Road, pork-butcher ; second div. of . any Monday ; Cannan, Aldermanbury-Evans and Co. Barge Yard, merchants ; sixth div. of 21e1. any Monday; Canaan, Aldermanbury. Secrren SEWESTRATIONS.-Black, or Carmichael, or Young, Edinburgh, poulterer, Feb. 24, March 18-3FLay and Co. Glasgow, victuallers, Feb. 25, March 19.

Friday, February 25. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.-Mutile and Haynes, Poland Street, Oxford Street-E. and J. Milner, Sheffield, cutlery-manufacturers-Hyam and Co. Oxford Street- Heycock, Manchester ; and Heycock and Co. Bombay-Pearson and Co. Brough, Derbyshire, cotton-spinners-R. and W. Frankland, Whalley, Lancashire, tailors- Barnuigham and Gregory, Manchester, sack-manufacturers-Hurst and Co. Saddle- worth, Yorkshire' engineers-Thompson and Marsh, Newark-upon-Trent, surgeons Powell and Co. Wood Street, hosiers ; as fares regards F. Crow-Sowter jun. and Thomson, Baker Street, Clerkenwell, pianoforte-makers-Mathew and Chambers, De Beauvoir Town, surgeons-Hartopp and Noon, Leicester, hosiers-Toy and Stroud, Birmingham, gas-contractors-S. and J. Cash, Mansfield, cotton-doublers- Davison and Son, West Hartlepool, millers-F. and F. Howson, Wimpole Street, cooks-Elgood and Co. Leicester, merchants-Woolley and Conquest, Mark Lane, wine-merchants-J. and W. Guest, Birmingham, jewellers-Newbon• and Utton, London, attornies-Chapple and Co. Ilminster, Somersetshire, wine-merchants-L. and C. Park, Glasgow, sewed-muslin-manufacturers.

'EANKRUPTS.-GEoR0E Denny, Wigtnore Street, jeweller, to surrender March 11, April 12: solicitors, Jay. and Pilgrim, Bucklersbury ; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court-EnwARD BEN:AmiN MAY, Leicester Square, linen-draper, March 4, April 8: solicitor,Overbury, Old Jewry; official assignee, Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Wmrisai MERRY CHIDWICK, Dover, tobacconist, March 8, April 5: solicitors, Linklaters, Sift Lane-official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings-TnomAs Horaexn, Langhaw, Surrey, manufacturer, March 8, April 5: solicitors, Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry Chambers ; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings- Loma& and MATILDA Covusa, Hatton Garden, bookbinders, March 3, April 5: solicitor, Chippendale, Nicholas Lane ; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings-Wur vast WELLER, Chatham, maltater, March 7, April 6: solicitors, Nichols and Clark, Cook's Court; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street- GEORGE TAYLOR. BRowsr, Gloucester Terrace, New Road, Whitechapel, draper, March 7, April 6: solicitors, Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry Chambers ; official assig- nee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-SA.3mm Jonas, Wolstanton, Staffordshire, joiner. March 12, April 2: solicitors, Cooper, Tunstall; Hodgson, Birmingham ; official aSsignee, Christie, Birmingham-Wittrax MAY, Exeter, linen-draper, March 4, 80: solicitors, Holmes and Co. Bedford flow; Brutton, Exeter ; official assignee, flirt- zel, Exeter-JAMES WHEELER, Scarborough, wine-merchant, March 11, April 15: solicitors, Definer and Woodall, Scarborough ; Bond and Barwick, Leeds ; official assignee, Young, Leeds-WmuAm Jesus, Lincoln, chemist, March 23, April 13: solicitor, Tweed, Lincoln ; official assignee, Carrick, Hull-Truisms HonasoN, Hull, shipowner, March 23, April 13: solicitor, Ayre, Hull; official assignee, Carrick, Ifull--Taoliss Yonne', Sunderland, shipowner, March 9, Aptil 7: solicitors, Hart- ley, Southampton Street, Bloomsbury; Bignal, Durham ; official assignee, Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. DIVIDENDS.-March 22, Brewster and West, Hand Court, Dowgate, printers- March 19, Oldham, Wood Street, silk-warehouseman-March 18, Crossley, Noble Street, silk-warehouseman-March 18, Sewell, Chatteris, Isle of Ely, scrivener- March 19, Jackson, Mincing Lane, merchant-March 18, Bunyard, Mark Lane, seedsman-March 17, Daintry and Byte, Manchester, bankers-March 18, Trelfall, Liverpool, banker. Csanzweves.-2b be granted, Wes: cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of tneetimg.-March 11, 011ivier, New Bond Street, music-seller-March 21, Cowan, Skinner Street, Snow Hill, brass-founder-April 6, Nicklin, Wolverhampton, iron- monger.

DECLARATIONS OP Drviimmos.-0'Neill, Birmingham, metal-dealer; first div. of is, ld. any Thursday ; Christie, Birmingham-Duggan, Maryport, draper ; third div. of 44. (in addition to 4s. ld. previously declared,) any Saturday; Baker, Newcastle- upon-Tyne-Hall. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, corn-factor ; first div. of ls. 64. any Satur- day; Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. SCOTCH SactessraerioNa.-Rnowlea, Aberdeen, &slier, March 3, 23-Jackson, Leith, builder, March 3, 24.