26 FEBRUARY 1954, Page 13

writer of this article says: " No l e - a r !asing number of

patients are provenly ving mental hospitals because of an increasing Use of psychoanalytic methods." menla does not surprise me except inasmuch he writer would appear to think that hospitals use these methods. I conleve in fact that most mental hospitals

centrate on physical treatments and that

meth few of them has the psychoanalytic h_ nod found a place. I know patients who hospitals discharged themselves from mental t ruesaPt t a after many months of physical for tit:lents and gone to a private psychiatrist felt e treatment 'of their minds that they physical entirely neglected in the purely Secondly, every doctor who uses the psychoanalytic method treats many people who as a result are saved from the necessity of entering a mental hospital, people who would most certainly have kad to do so without treatment of this kind. Psychoanalytic treatment is always painful, often very pro- longed, especially when the patient is no longer young, but I am sure that no one who has gone through with it and gained the new" strengths (physical and mental) that come with the clearing away of deep hidden fears and guilts would have preferred to be treated as a faulty machine and put right' rather than as a human being who has a capability and a right to work out his own salvation.— Yours faithfully, EX-PATIENT [Name and address supplied.]