26 FEBRUARY 1954, Page 13

PARIS TOUJOURS PARIS Sta,-1 have noted with some concern the

article on Paris which appeared in the Travel Supplement of the issue of. January 29th. I hive no doubt that it was written light- heartedly and not intended to be taken too seriously, but I fear that some of your readers may take it altogether too literally. There are many modest tourist hotels in Paris (of which we publish lists) where the visitor may be assured of finding clean and at least adequately comfortable rooms at most reasonable rates. It is quite untrue that a meal cannot be obtained under 10s. The average price for a three-course meal at one- star tourist restaurants is 350 francs. English cigarettes in France are a luxury, just as French cigarettes are over here, and cost approximately the same price. On the other hand, if the visitor cares to smoke the local brands he will find that his smoking costs him only about one half as much as it does at home.

The £50 allowance can easily be made to go a very long way in Paris; perhaps the best proof of this lies in the number of extremely reasonably priced tours that all the major travel agencies are offering this year, and in the. tens of thousands of Britons, who spend pleasant holidays there every year who cannot afford to contemplate finding such a relatively large sum as the full travel allowance,--Yours faithfully,

MAURICE VIGNON (Agent Genera 1.1 French Government Tourist Office, 179 Piccadilly