26 JANUARY 1878, Page 1

Nothing whatever has occurred during the week to justify the

Ministry in breaking the formal pledge given, through Sir Stafford Northcote, that they would only ask for money on the occurrence of unexpected events. General Gourko has driven Suleiman Pasha over the Despot° Dagh and down to Kavala, where the Turkish General will take ship with the remnant of his forces for Constantinople ; but he has not occupied, or threatened, or marched towards Gallipoli. Indeed, the Russian Government has formally announced that it does not intend to go there, in order to avoid arousing British susceptibilities, and there is no evidence that it is marching upon Constantinople. On the contrary, Adrianople is not yet securely occupied, and masses of troops with long trains of munitions and supplies are still cross- ing the Balkans. The Turkish Plenipotentiaries are still at Kezanlik, negotiating with the Grand Duke Nicholas, and nothing has changed in the situation, except the temper of the Turkish Government, which is described as smitten with panic.