26 JANUARY 1878, Page 20

Disappeared from Her Rome. By Mrs. Fred. E. Perkis. (Remington.)

—This story, though written in a feeble style, is in a certain measure successful. The mystery on which its success depends is well kept, and when it is revealed the reader is not dissatisfied with the means that have been employed to mystify him. To this praise, however, an im- portant exception has to be made. It is altogether too monstrous a demand on our credulity to suppose that the body of the mother could have been mistaken for the body of the daughter. If this incident had been essential to the plot, we should have condemned the whole. Bat as it would survive were this removed, we may allow that it has some merit. The author should do what she can to give point and vigour to her style. This accomplished, she may really make another venture with good hope.