26 JANUARY 1878, Page 21

Every Boy's Annual. Edited by Edmund Rentledge, F.R.G.S. (Rout- ledge

and Co.)—At this time of year boys must be looking out anxiously for reviews of books especially intended for them, and wondering which of the many handsome volumes (for their name is legion) will loll to their share. There will be no cause for discontent if Routledge's Annual happens to become theirs, with its bright and attractive bind- ing, its varied contents, and its multitude of illustrations. Jules Verne's "Voyage Round the World" is the chief story, and like his other works, it abounds in thrilling and fantastic adventures. Forty sears ago we should have read it eagerly, and boys are now very much what they were then: The only other serial, "Uncle Chesterton's Heir," is perhaps too markedly moral to be popular with boys. Of the short articles, those on natural history aro the best, that on "The Horse," by the Rev. J. G. Wood, being worthy of the attention of old and young alike. Charades, acrostics, and puzzles innumerable complete the volume.