26 JANUARY 1878, Page 21

NEW Enmons.—Among new editions and reprints we may notice Of

the Imitation of Christ. Four Books. By Thomas it Kompis. (Chap- man and Hall.) This is a very handsome volume. The text of Messrs. Rivington's edition (1876), an unmutilated text, if our memory serves us, is followed. It is adorned with well designed and well-executed initial letters, and with other illustrations, which are for the most part appropriate and elegant. The paper and printing are all that could be desired.—In " Bohn's Standard Library" we have Flower, Fruit, and Thorn Pieces or, the Wedded Life, Death, and Marriage of Fortnian, Sttrnislaus Siebenkaes, Parish Advocate in the Burgh of Kukschnappel, by Jean Paul Friedrich Richter, translated by Alexander Ewing (Bell and Sons); Rent's International Law, edited by J. Abdy, LLD., "a second edition, revised and brought down to the present time" (Deighton and Bell, Stevens and Sons, Bell and Sons); The Mythology of Ancient Greece and Italy, by Thomas Keightley, edited by Leonard Schmitz, Ph.D. Bell and Sons); A History of English Literature, by William Spalding, a new edition, continued to 1876" (Oliver and Boyd); Lives of the Saints, by the Rev. S. Baring-Gould, M.A., October (Hodges); The Gospel of the Nineteenth Century, published for the author by Cassell and Co. ; Nestleton Magna: a Story of Yorkshire Methodism (J. Grose Thomas); History of the British Empire, one of" Collins's School Series," us new and enlarged edition, with questions and copious index" (Collins and Sons).—The Lady's Treasury for 1877, edited by Mrs. Warren (Bewrose), is republished in ono volume, which is full of useful information, and not without pleasant reading. We extract a remedy for indigestion which those who like may use :—" Drink cold boiled water with your dinner, and after it sit quietly for twenty minutes, no longer; then walk for an hour. Shun wine, spirits, ale, and beer." This sounds cheerful.