26 JANUARY 1878, Page 3

The cool and determined courage with which the Montenegrins have

behaved all through this war will, we hope, be rewarded at the peace. After his defeat of Mukhtar Pacha and the retire- ment of Suleiman Pasha, who with his immense force nearly crushed the independence of the Mountain, Prince Nikita would have been accepted as ruler by the Herzegovinians but for the resistance Of Austria. He therefore turned southward, and took Nicsich, Antivari, and finally, on the 19th inst., Dulcigna, where he captured a whole battalion of Turkish regulars, with a loss of only 180 men. This capture gives him the access to the sea which he has long desired, and it will be most- unfair if Austrian or Italian jealousy prevents the Monte- negrins from reaping the fruit of their victories, and obtaining gate to the external world. If the Turks were wise, they would cede them a large district in the plain, and thus at once draw them down from the mountains, and enable them to accumulate the wealth the want of which makes them all hereditary soldiers.