26 JANUARY 1878, Page 3

The Spelling Reformers have gone in a deputation to the

Duke of Richmond, who was so impressed by the importance of the subject they broached to him, that he declared himself quite unable to give an opinion on the subject of this fancy Commis- sion to inquire into English modes of spelling and mispelling, without "laying the matter before his colleagues." Would it mot be well to submit it to the European Powers themselves, when they meet to ratify the peace between Russia and Turkey ? Phonetic spelling is a principle for all languages, at least as much as for the English language. And since the Duke of Richmond and 'Gordon evidently regards it as a question of the first magnitude, he would do well to place it before Europe as well as before his colleagues. Was this the matter laid before the Cabinet so hastily -summoned on Wednesday ? It would be worthy of the Duke of Riohmonorand Gordon to have got this great English " interest " -added to the famous list of Lord Derby's reserved issues.