26 JULY 1879, Page 3

Archdeacon Denison is very naturally greatly exercised about the vote

of Convocation on the Vestments question. He himself is not responsible for a blunder against which he warned Con- vocation, but for that very reason, being the magnanimous Arch- deacon he is, he is desirous to pull the Ritualistwout of the hole into which they have plunged, and so he proposes at the meeting -of Convocation on the 31st inst. to raise a discussion as to the character of the pledge given by the Bishops not to interfere, ." if they could possibly avoid it," with clergy and congregations using the vestments; and on the disavowals recently rumoured.

(1.olot think the discussion can come to much. Even as reported by the Archdeacon, the pledge is too vague. What is it he means by not inteliering, "if they could possibly avoid it ?" You might almost as well speak of the diameter of a gutia-percha, ring as a fixed instead of a variable quantity. Is any gutta-percha ring so flexible as a Bishop's sense of °ale- siastical possibility ?