26 JULY 1879, Page 2

On Wednesday, Mr. Grissell and Mr. Ward were ordered to

attend at the Bar of the House of Commons, to answer to the charge of having committed a breach of privilege of the House, in connection with the Committee on the Tower High-Level Bridge. Mr. Grissell, however, had gone to Boulogne, and his friends merely telegraphed to his wife,—" Grissell sent away. Doctor's orders. Not well enough to travel." Mr. John Sandilands Ward, who was accused of being aware of Mr. Grissell's boast that he would control the decision of the Corn- mittee, and of having assisted him in his design, appeared at the bar, and made the same explanation which he made to the Committee,— alleging that his relations with Mr. Grissell were of 'a purely professional kind, that he did not understand the nature of the proposals made, and that the statements concerning him were incorrect. The House, however, followed the Committee in not accepting Mr. Ward's explanation, and ordered him into the custody of the Serjeant-at-Arms, who confined him in the prison-room in the Clock Tower, where he is said to be very comfortable, and to be permitted to take a walk on one of the terraces at stated timee. But the question now is how to get him set free again, without making a farce of the punishment.