26 JULY 1879, Page 3

The Birmingham School Board are carrying out their difficult resolve

to teach morality without touching on religion, in a truly heroic spirit. On July 4th a debate on the subject arose in the School Board, when an amendment to the resolution con- cerning moral lessons was moved by Mr. Greening, to the effect that "it shall not be an offence, if teachers shall enforce these duties by Scriptural teaching and illustrations drawn from the Bible." Now, as the moral lessons are to be given in the usual hours, when children of all religious bodies attend, this pro- posal was obviously inconsistent with School-Board rules, and it was negatived by 9 to 4. But we would like to know whether it will be allowable to illustrate the moral lessons of the class by reference to the martyrdom of Christians or Mohammedans, and the spirit in which that martyrdom was borne, or even by the case of Slavery abolitionists; and if so, whether it will be competent to a teacher to hint in any way the religious sources of courage and fortitude. If so, how can it be otherwise than. a religious lesson ? If not, what moral lesson will it convey at all ?