26 JULY 1919, Page 1

General Pershing led the way, at the head of the

American troops. Marshal Pooh himself headed the French column, which included some of the picturesque cavalry and the ever- popular Zouaves. Italy, Japan, Belgium, gallant Bohemia, China, Siam, and the other Allies were all represented on this auspicious day. Admiral Beatty marched every step of the way at the head of a very fine body of sailors and Marines from the Grand Fleet. Sir Douglas Haig had dragged himself from a sick-bed to ride in front of a force representing every regiment in the Army and every branch of the Service, with the Dominion forces—the Indians were unhappily delayed at sea—the Air Force and the Tanks and the women of the. Queen's corps. The Commander-in-Chief, though the most modest of men, risked a serious illness rather than disappoint the troops and the public, who looked for him as one of the chief figures of the great pageant.