26 JULY 1919, Page 1

Mr. Lloyd George made a vigorous defence of the German

Peace Treaty and of the special guarantee to France when the Bills to confirm them were debated in the House of Commons on Monday. To those who complained that Germany had been let off too lightly he said that Germany would be made to pay up to the limit of her capacity. Tokthose, on the other hand, who expressed doubts about the Saar Valley and the Polish fronVer he said that the Treaty did not create a new Aimee. The overwhelming majority of the people in the Polish " corridor " were Poles, and must, in the name of "self-determination," be restored to Poland. East Prussia was separated once more from Brandenburg, but the intervening Poles could not be saerificed to Germany on that account. The Treaty was a stop towards abolishing Conscription, whioh had arisen under the menace of Prussian militarism. It would have been folly to disband our armies before we had made Peace secure. Early next year we should have a voluntary Army strong enough to defend our interests. It was necessary, he added, to try the ex-Kaiser so as to show the world that a ruler who planned an aggressive war would henceforth be treated as a felon.