26 JULY 1919, Page 1

The Austrian Peace Treaty, at length completed by the Allies,

was handed to the Austrian delegates at St. Germain last Sunday. The old frontiers towards Bohemia and Hungary have been modified so as to transfer some German-speaking districts to Austria. Austria is to abolish Conscription and to reduce her Army to thirty thousand men within three months. She is to admit her responsibility for making full reparation to civilians, and to pay certain sums down and the remainder within thirty years. The new States formed out of the Dual Monarchy are to bear their proportions of the Debt contracted before the war, but are freed from the burden of the War Debt, which will fall upon Austria alone. This provision, though absolutely just, seems to mean the bankruptcy of Austria or the repudiation of her colossal War Debt. Austria is to surrender all her shipping, and to deliver certain cattle to her neighbours whom she attacked and robbed so shamelessly. Further, she is to restore some of the treasures taken from her kirmer subject States and accumulated in Vienna, such as the Crown jewels of Tuscany, the relics of the Norman Kings of Sicily, and the old Bohemian records from Prague. The sins of the Hapsburgs have found them out. The nations which they enslaved are exacting a very rightous retribution.