26 JULY 1919, Page 15



" Sia,—The letter of "H. V. H. B." about the colours of weekdays interests me, as I have never before heard of any one who shared this vision of childhood. From very early years the days for me had colours and numbers, and, a little later, but not much later, musical keys as well. This was my unchanging vision :- Thursday was the best day, then Saturday; Friday the worst, then Sunday. These preferences had no connexion with the days' occupations; in fact they ran counter to them on several

Mon. Purple, dmost indigo. 1 D major. Tues. Wed. Thurs.

Skyblue. Purple, Silvery almost crimson. grey.

2 10 5

A major. 41 major. F # ma. Sat. Sun. Pinky White. grey.

11 3 B ma. ra.

Fri. Scarlet.

8 BO.