26 JULY 1919, Page 20

READABLE NOVELS.—Home Fires in France. By Dorothy Canfield. (Constable. 6s.

net.)—There is so much poignant description of the suffering of the French in this book that if the war were not over it would prove intolerable reading. As it it is wholesome for English and American people to have brought home to them through the author's vivid realism the suffering that they themselves were not called upon to endure.—Such Stuff as Dreams. By C. E. Lawrence. (J. Murray. 7s. net.)-'- The story of a young man who, in consequence of a fall off the top of a 'bus, sees visions of the Spiritual World. The book would have been more interesting if the hero had been possessed of true clairvoyance : as it is,. his fancies are of no more import- ance than the ravings of a fever patient.—A London Lot. By A. Neil Lyons- (John Lane. 6s. net..)—War stories on which is based the well-known play of London Pride.— Black Sheep Chapel. By Margaret Baillie-Saunders. (Hurst and Blackett. 6s. 9d. net.)—The story of an illegitimate child in Kentish Town. The author gives the usual strong Anglican atmosphere to the book.