26 JULY 1919, Page 21

Historical Portraits, 1800-1850. The Lives by (.1'. R. L. Fletcher;

the Portraits chosen by Emery Walker. (Clarendon Press. 12s. 6d. net.)—This is the fourth and last volume of the highly interesting book, the third volume of which we re- viewed at length last week. It begins with Nelson and his fellow-Admirals and ends with Byron's John Murray. As a very large number of eminent men and women are included in this volume, Mr. Fletcher's memoirs are brief, but they are always readable and often amusing. In writing of Lady Holland he reminds us that she and her husband persisted in representing Napoleon, with whom we were at war, as a 'friend of Liberty.' In their wilful blindness to facts they were akin to the people who tell us that the Bolsheviks are pure-souled democrats. It is curious that a collection which includes Girtin and De Wint should omit Turner.