26 JULY 1919, Page 21

Quoth the Raven. By E. V. L. and G. M.

(Methuen. Is. 3d. net.)—This "unofficial history of the war" in short paragrapht by Mr. Lucas with pictures by Mr. Morrow is very funny indeed. It deals with "the home front," and recalls, without comment, many passing follies of the war period. We may quote one of two fragments. "The Government take firm stand and forbid any more racing for the duration of the war, on account of shortage of turf. In consequence of ultimatum from Mr. Bottomley (the People's Premier), racing to go on." "Mr. Winston Churchill rallies resonant two-hour speech at Savoy banquet on the paramount importance of everyone saying nothing but doing his utmost." "Bad news from the front. Triumphant first performance in London of the new revue, Shells and Smiles, at record cost of production." "The Daily

Mail demands the internment of all Anglo-Saxons." Mr. Morrow's caricatures of the pictures of nonentities which filled the illustrated papers are most amusing. He represents the inventor of flag days martyred as a modern St. Sebastian. "The Horrors of Peace" is the title of a picture, representing an interminable "procession of new Knights on their way to Buckingham Palace," bearing the banner "Why not Barth. ? "