26 JULY 1919, Page 21

We have received the fourth monthly number of M.C. (6d.),

"the medium for the organization of the great middle classes." It is addressed to the multitudes who run the risk of being ground between the millstones of organized Labour and organized Capital, and urges them to organize in their turn. As it is a readable journal, it will doubtless set many readers thinking. For out part, we believe that the wild revolutionaries who would introduce the horrors of Bolshevik tyranny into this country are an infinitesimal minority. At the same time a minority that meets with no well-defined opposition tends to grow. A middle-class organization would, by the mere fact of its exist- ence, deter the handful of Bolsheviks from ever trying to estab- lish a "Red Terror." From this point of view the efforts of M.C. deserve all sympathy and encouragement.