26 JULY 1919, Page 21

Woodrow Wilson : an interpretation.. By A. Maurice Low. (T.

Fisher Unwin. 8s. 6d. not.)—Mr. Low's appreciative study of President Wilson's policy is interesting. His views would be hotly controverted by many Americans, but his defence of the President for remaining neutral till 1917 is skilfully written. Mr. Low is not quite fair to the late Mr. Roosevelt in quoting his famous Outlook article of September, 1914, as a proof that the President was right in not protesting against the violation of Belgian neutrality. It is very well known that Mr. Roosevelt wanted such a protest to be made at that time, though with his characteristic chivalry he refrained from saying so lest the President should be embarrassed in his relations with the belligerents. Mr. Low says that the speech in which the President said: "There is such a thing as a man being too proud to fight," was written before he heard of the sinking of the

Lusitania,' though it was delivered a few days later without alteration. Mr. Low explains that a Southerner uses the word " pride " in the sense of " self-respect."