26 JULY 1919, Page 22

Robbia Heraldry. By Allan Marquand. (Princeton Uni- versity Press ;

and London: H. Milford. $10.)—In this scholarly treatise Professor Marquand, with the assistance of Mr. Rufus G. Mather of Florence, has described the coats of arms on nearly four hundred of the glazed terra-cottas of Luca and Andrea del. Robbia and their school, which abound in the Town Halls and churches of Northern Italy. His object is to establish definite standards of style and form by which undated Della Robbias may be judged. The practical value of this minute study is exemplified at the close, where the well-known Madonna at South Kensington, commonly regarded as one of Andrea's best works, is shown to fail in the heraldic test. The shield at the base must apparently be later than 1487, but the Medici arms blazoned on it are of a type discarded between 1461 and 1469. This seeming mistake confirms Professor Marquand in his belief, based on grounds of style, that the charming relief is a modern production. We hope that he is wrong, but it is well known that many skilful imitations of Della Robbias have been foisted upon collectors. Professor Marquand's book is well printed and profusely illustrated.