26 JULY 1919, Page 3

The inclination of Mr. Lloyd George against nationalization has, however,

been sufficiently marked, we take it, to make the Daily Mail feel that it must have heard wrong when it put its ear to the ground some time ago and rose up and encouraged the nation to prepare for nationalization of the coal-mines. This may be the meaning of the curious leading article in the Daily Mail of Wednesday rebuking the Labour Party for Par- liamentary incompetence. For our part, wn should be all in favour of a permanent Centre Party—that i13, a party repre- senting the normal moderate opinions of Englishmen—if only we could be sure that the Centre Party would be managed, to begin with, by the right people. But we fear that those who lurch into a central position rather by accident or from ex- pediency might only too quickly lurch out of it again.