26 JULY 1919, Page 3

There is some mystery about the speech which Mr. Churchill

made at a recent dinner, advocating the formation of a per- manent Centre Party. On the one hand we have been told— and Mr. Chun:thin has said this more or less himself—that the speech contained only casual reflections intended for the ears of a few friends, and on the other hand it has been said that Mr. Churchill read his speech, which was a long one, from a carefully typed paper, and that it had not been written without the knowledge of the Prime Minister. The next move was the announcement that Mr. Churchill would publish the speech for all the world to read so that every one might see how little or how much significance it contained. No sooner was the mystery to be thus ended than it unexpectedly deepened. The speech was not published on Wednesday as had been promised, and it was announced that publication was postponed.