26 JULY 1935, Page 16

The Surprise View

Of all the appeals made to the National Trust and by the National Trust none concerns a more vital scenic beauty than the Langshaw Estate and the so-called Surprise View. The place is threatened by speculators' building and by such un- lovely things as a sewage works ; and its extinction would affect more thousands than almost any wild view one could mention. It is near Sheffield and other crowded centres of population ; and is comparatively easy of access. Its natural beauty is a real source of refreshment to thousands of those " whom towns immure," as well as to .country lovers of all sorts. Five thousand Pounds would save the essential acres, and maintain the charm in perpetuity of a space of a thousand acres beloved throughout the North West of England. Sub- criptions should be sent to Williams Deacon's Bank, Ltd., Surprise View Fund, Church Street, Sheffield. The National Trust itself has no fund, no endowment ; and the appeals to it are continuous. It had to refuse gifts as well as requests to purchase ; and when it puts forth an appeal that. appeal represents the quintessence of the national need for preserva- tion of cardinal beauties. It is high time that a national appeal were made for the endowment of the National Trust itself.

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