26 JULY 1935, Page 16

Wanted—A Cage

The island of Skokholm, off the mouth of Milford Haven, has been made famous the world over by Mr. Lockley. He has done for it very much what Gatke did for Heligoland. Since those marvellous accounts of the Heligoland migrants were written knowledge of the way of a bird in the air has beep greatly enhanced by the device of ringing birds. Now it is much better—in my opinion at least—to ring the older bird than the nestling ; and for this reason Mr. Lockley rigged, up at the door of his solitary house on Skokholm what may be called a cage-aviary. It enabled him to imprison migrant birds for a few hours, observe them, and, if need be, ring them. This cage is primitive in structure (though not in design) and very much richer results would ensue if a better cage could be set up in a more favourable place. It would cost about

A real service to science would be rendered if this sum were forthcoming. The possession of an island is 'a rich source of information but not of funds. If those interested in birds would help Mr. R. M. Lockley, Skokholm, South Wales, to achieve this humble ambition they would do good service to the science of the subject.