26 JULY 1968, Page 29

Inside Zambia

Sir: President Kaunda of Zambia is now in London asking the British government for arms to defend his country; while armed men from Zambia have been entering Rhodesia and Mozambique to try to overthrow the govern- ments of those countries. If more arms are supplied this will only encourage open warfare in these ,.ountries.

Referring to the control of emigration from the African countries into Britain, perhaps it is not generally known that control of emigra- tion from Britain into African countries is far more strict. Anyone from Britain desiring to live and work in Zambia can only do so after acceptance by the Zambian government, and only on a three-year work contract basis.

Any foreign person living in Zambia, no matter what his occupation or for how long he has been residing there, can be deported on twenty-four hours' notice without any reason being given.

Zambia holds hundreds of its own people In concentration camps since the independence elections simply because these people belonged to the opposition party. In fact, Zambia is a one-party state.

I do not wish my name and address to be published as I have relatives living in Zambia. (Name and address supplied) Bangor