26 JULY 1968, Page 32

Chess no. 397


Black Whi:c

10 men P. ten Cate (1st Prize, Austral Tourney, 1923). White to play and mate in two moves; solution next week.

Solution to no. 396 (Umnov): B - Kt 2, threat

Q - R 3. 1 B X B;2 B - R 2. 1...R X B;

2 R - B 3. 1 K X B; 2 Q - R 2. 1 Q - Kt 5; 2 Q R 2. 1 Q - K R 5, 2 Q - B 3. Striking key and good play.

Last week I reviewed Euwe and Meiden's Road to Chess Mastery (Allen and Unwin, 30s); this week I give an illustrative game from the book. In the book itself this has seven pages of comment so I fear that readers can only get a pale shadow of the whole from the abbreviated notes given here; but

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