26 JUNE 1841, Page 1

Not one of the least curious among the freaks of

the MELBOURNE Cabinet in its later days, is the game of shifts which has recently- been exhibited : Ministers are shifting from place to place by the dozen ; not "infusing new strength into the Cabinet," but merely charming about among themselves. It is difficult to guess tip ob- ject Of the manceuvre ; or why men are so anxious to alter their posture, when in all probability they will so soon enjoy a com- plete relaxation from official restraint. There is but one likely guess : the changes are mostly in the direction of promotion ; each gets a small advance, and thus obtains, before the regiment is dis- banded, a higher rank. But some may look further : they may be anxious to secure certain stations in order that their merits may be more readily recognized by the stamp of authority which they bear when their party shall regain office—to take their degree as pro- fessional statesmen, to the exclusion of mere apprentices and un- der-graduates, when the time of the innings comes round again: each will then claim the station at which he is rated in the books of office. One of those who are introduced into the shifting scene, however, does not gain station by the move which he has made, but loses it—Mr. CHARLES BULLER. Upon what principle of heroism he should have leaped into the gulf, is one of the grand mysteries. How, when he might have taken office before and refused, can he accept it now when all the inducements of office are wanting and deterring objections abundant? What is there to repay Mr. BULL= for


casting off the reputation of being independent, if he cll feel so? for becoming, from a Radical suspected of Whiggeir; confbeeed

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