26 JUNE 1841, Page 12

"Most unwarrantable use," says the G lobe of this evening, "having

been made of the name of the Duke of Bedford by the committee of Captain Rous, founded upon a letter of the most private and familiar character, the Duke of Bedford has addressed to Captain Rons the following letter ; which will set at rest (adds the Globe, as if an assur- ance were wanting) all doubt, either as to the Duke of Bedford's politics, or as to his conduct to his tenants "— .• Friday Evening, June 25th. " Dear Ross—Since I saw you to-this'. I have learnt that the most unfair and un- warrantable advantages have been take; of my letter to you, and the grossest misre- presentation founded upon it. I most again request of you not to lose any time in stating to your committee, that if I take no part in the Westminster election, it is on the pnnciplc of not interfering with my tenants and tradesmen ; and that I ani only following the mum which has been pursued by my father and myself in other recent elections for Westminster.

" You know that my political confidence has long been given to the present Govern-

ment. Yours truly, (Signed) BEDFORD."