26 JUNE 1841, Page 12

The last Report of the House of Commons Committee on

Public _Petitions, the Thirty-fourth of the late session, gives the following

totals of petitions presented to the House on the subject of Corn-laws, down to the 15th June—

Petitions. Signatures.

For Repeal of the Corn-laws 3,918 1,144,830

Against 1,758 110,721

For proposed Measure on Corn-laws 113 51,049

Against 2,294 169,237 'rhe impression created by the language held at public meetings, that the Ministers had not met the views of the country in their pro- posed Corn measure, is here confirmed in figures : the number of those who demand the total repeal is as ten to one against the direct sup- porters of the law ; those who favour the Ministerial project are in a minority of one to three of those who condemn it.