26 JUNE 1841, Page 12

The Paris papers of Thursday have been received.

In the Chamber of Peers, on Wednesday, M. Humana entered into a long financial statement, which showed a more favourable state of the exchequer than late accounts. The treasury have realized 712 millions of francs from extraordinary resources, including 170 millions of trea- sure found at Algiers ; and they have in reserve 130 millions. M. Murat, brother to the former King of Naples, died at La Bastide, in the department of the Lot, on the 20th instant. At the time his brother Joachim governed the kingdom of Naples, he accepted the modest functions of Mayor of his village, which he discharged till the hour of his death with zeal and probity.

The National mentions the death of the Republican Deputy M. Gamier-Pages, on Wednesday afternoon, of consumption.

The Paris letter of the Times announces the capture, at Marseilles, of a fugitive felon, Gavin Scott, who had absconded with the sum of 8,600/. in gold and notes belonging to his employers, eminent cotton- manufacturers in Glasgow. The bulk of the stolen property will pro- bably be recovered; Scott having been closely followed from Havre, where he landed with upwards of 4,0001. in gold in his portmanteau.