26 JUNE 1841, Page 12

The reply which Mr. Pitt gave to a requisition to

stand for the City of London in March 1784, has been contrasted in the Tory papers of the week with Lord John Russell's reply to the late requisition. Mr. Pitt, who had actually been put in nomination and returned on the show of hands, acknowledged the proffered honour, but declined it in these wtrds- " Sensible as I am, at the same time, that my engagements are not sufficiently compatible with the duties incumbent on one who has the honour of being placed in that situation, I should be wanting in respect and attention to the City of London, if I did not take the earliest opportunity of begging to decline the polL" It is understood that Lord John Russell is preparing an answer to this new historical parallel, which he will deliver ore rotundo at the hustings, on Monday.