26 JUNE 1841, Page 22


Tuesday, June 22.


Coleby and Phillips, Ampthill, manufacturing-chemists-J. and T. Burrows, Wit- lington, Derbyshire. timber-merchants-Burrs and Co. Watling Street. warehousemen -Roberts and Co. Burton Bradstock, girth-web-manufacturers; as far as regards Sa- tin-Jackson and Co. Manchester, calico printers ; as far as regards Watson-J. and G. Clark, Newark-uport-Treut, osier-growers-Gardiner and Lang, Holt Mill. Lanca- shire, woollendrapers-Wright and Taylor, Audenshaw. Lancashire. hat manufacturers - Tancred and Gibson, Harwell. soda-water-manufacturers-S. and T. AL Hope, Manchester, brassfounders-Pearce and Co. Kingsbridge, Devonshire, corn-stealers-- Hooper and Grange. Regent Street, carriage-agents-Wilson and Johnstone, Cowley Hill, Lancashire, schoolmasters-B. and R. Boggett, Kippax, Yorkshire, corn-millers -J. and J. Winder, Low Mills. Westmoreland. ironfounders-H. and C. E. Ashton, Liverpool, merchants-Fellows and Barth, Little Yarmouth, shipwrights-Hodgson and Watson. Lancaster, surveyors-Close and Clark. Masbrough. Yorkshire, grass- manufacturers-J. and W. Hazel I. Farnham , linendrapers -Wright and Co. Manchester, calico-printers-Wood and Griffin. Birmingham, jewellers- Ainsworth senior and Crompton senior, Manchester, cotton-spinners.


Buren, Issas, Bath, ironmonger, to surrender July 6, Aug. 6: solicitors, Messrs. Wausey and Tagart, Ely Place; and Mr. Hassell. Bristol. Bowzzy. RICHARD, Mincing Lane, broker. June 29, Aug. 3 solicitor, Mr. Drew, Bermondsey Street; official assignee. Mr. Belcher. King's Arms Yard. CAPORN, Joint GOODE, Bedford, lineudraper, July 2, Aug. 3: solicitors, Messrs. Clowns and Wedlake. Temple; and Mr. Eagles, Bedford. Oyzerorr. JAMES, Queen Street, Grosvenor Square, coach-plater, June 30. Aug. 3: solicitor, Mr. Gomm, Edward Street, Portman Square ; official assignee, Mr. Lack- ington, Coleman Street Buildings. Mozytneux, HENRI', Lombard Street. watch maker, July 3, Aug. 3: solicitor, Mr. APDnIf. Castle Street, Holborn ; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abehurch Lane.

MORGAN. WILLIAM [loon, Alford, Lincolnshire. grocer, Jay 6, Aug. 3: solicitors, Messrs. Willis and Co. Tokenhonse Yard; and Mr. Masou, Lincoln.

Paocros, THOMAS Sm.:rano% Stockwell, lunatic asylum-keeper. Jane 29, Aug. 3: solicitor, Mr. Kirkmau, King William Street ; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Basing. ball Street.

Rearraxos, Jaw, Gloucester, innkeeper, July 1, August 3: solicitors, Messrs. White and Whitmore, Bedford Row ; and Mr. Washbourn, Gloucester.

SELRIRK, WILLIAM. Astonsjuxta-Birmingham, engraver, July 2, August 3: solicitors, Messrs. Amory aud Co. Throgmorton Street; and Mr. Bray. Birmingham.

Sastre, DANIEL. Soieliampton, attorney, July 3, August 3: solicitors, Messrs. Allen and Mortimer, Clifford's Inn; and Messrs. Daman and Co. Romsey.


July 26. Foster, Gloucester, painter-July 19, Fisher, Liverpool, merehant -July 14. Lewis, Llandovery, draper-July 14. Stavin, Birmiugham, coach-proprietor-July 15, Tandy, Redditch, Worcestershire, needle-manufacturer-July 20, Griffiths, Manches- ter, merchant-July 15.1. sod J. Martin, Manchester. corn-merchants-July 20, Web- ster senior, Manchester, banker-July 15. Bridge senior, Manchester, timber-dealer- July 19, Lamb, Manchester, grocer-July 14, Hill, Walsall, currier-July 27, Cor- dingley, Wakefield, iron-founder-July 26, Knill, Gloucester, tailor-July 14, Coombe, Launceston, builder-July 15, Taylor. Central Bank of Liverpool-July 14. Deeming, Manchester, hotel-keeper-July 13, Bald, Liverpool, commission-merchant.


Tole granted, unless cause be shows to the contrary, ou or before Jelly 13.

Bradbury. Dudley, grocer -Yallop, Basinghall Street, scrivener-Orton, Box, Wilt- shire. builder-Ideazell, Oxford Street. fishmonger-Ledgard, Mirfield, Yorkshire. oil- crusher-Whittel, Halifax. woollen-cloth-mauufacturer-Stead. Shrewsbury. mercer- Hoskins, Birmingham, 1, lee-merchant-Williams. Bridge. Kent, brewer-Stephens, Liverpool, marine-store-dealer-Loraine, Newcastle-npou-Tyne, bauker-Bradshaw, Oswestry, mercer.


Bzste, MILLAR, Kilwinning, victualler, June 28, July 27.

BRUCE, JAMES, and Bauer, Arm Maims, Edinburgh, organ-builders, June 18, July 19.

CLVNES, JAMES, Old Aberdeen, June 24, July 15. DICKSON, JACOB senior, of the Dumbarton Glass Work Company, June 26, July 17- HISLOF. LAURENCE, Edinburgh. grocer, June 26, July 16. Wherosir, GEORGE LAIDLAW, Dalkeith, bookseller. June 28, July 19. Yams:ice, Taos. Edinburgh, baker, Jane 25, July 19.

Friday, June 25.


Gurney and J. and J. Sutcliffe, Halifax, grocers ; as far as regards John Sutcliffe- W. and H. Langford, King's Lynn, druggists-Basis and Nelson. Limehouse. coopers - Wannacott and Mayjor. Tavistock, builders-Holloway and Finch. Stockwell Com- mon, boarding-school-keepers-Smith and Co. Leicester, hosiers-T. and S. Morgan, Tottenham Court Road, iallow-melters-Cutler and Stamp. Great Queen Street, iron- founders-Knight and Whitby, York Street, Foley Place. tallow-chandlers-Longman and Co. London, booksellers; as far as regards Orme-Benzeville and Pescodd, Brighton, child-bed linen-warehouse-Vickers and Senior, Crompton, Lancashire, wheelvrrights-Ainsworth and Schofield. Oldham, coal-miners ; as far as regards Ains- worth-Greenwood and Smalley. Chorley, millers-Harris and Leilsam. Birmingham, glass-manufactarers-Boak and Purkiss. Dalston, echcolmistresses-Corser and Co. Wolverhampton. anoraks; as far as regards J. Corser -Forster and Serrell, King's Road, Chelsea, chemists-Smalley and Co. Blackburn, grocers-D. and G. Rendall, Beaminster, Donietshire, plumbers.


Baows, Joaxen, Minories, upholsterer, June 25.


DAT, THOMAS STARLING, Norwich, merchant.

SYLD, WILLIAM GRIMSHAW, Manchester, gingham-manufacturer.


ALDRED, GEORGE, Southampton Row, bookseller, to surrender July 2, Aug. 6: soli- citor. Mr. Bridger, Finsbury Circus; official assignee. Mr. Cannan, Finsbury Square. Birm.exols, MARIA IIIPPOLITE, Pomroy Street, Old Kent Road, manufacturing- chemist, July 1, Aug. 6: solicitors, Messrs. Willoughby and Jaques, Clifford's Inn; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermanbury. Car.vmazzv. JOHN, Abbey, Knaresberough, corn-miller, July 6, August 6: solicitor, Mr. Iriddey, Temple.

DAWES, Bxterorr, Ashby-de-la-Zonch, grocer, July 6, Aug. 6: solicitors, Messrs. Parker and Co. Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn.

Jonas, Mews Lomas, Bedwelty, Monmouthshire, victualler, July 8, Aug. 6: soli- citors. Messrs. Simpson and Moore, Furnival's Inn,

Mean, WILLIAM, and Srowra. JACOB, Thorney. Somersetshire, merchants, July 8, Aug. 6: solicitor, Mr. Stone, Chancery Lane.

PARKER, JOHN, Manchester, cotton-spinner, July 15, Aug. 6: solicitor, Mr. Smith, Chancery Lane.

Sunny, Jaw and Jong James, Charterhouee Street, engravers, July 6, Aug. 6: so- licitor, Mr. Lloyd, Cheapsiae; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street. S1DEBOTFIAM, HERB:, and LEWIS, THOMAS, Manchester, cotton-manufacturers. July 10, Aug. 6; solicitors, Messrs. Walmsley and Co. Chancery Lane,

Wittooramwoirra, JOHN. Leeds, cheese factor, July 7, Aug. 6; solicitors, Messrs. Bell and Co. Bow Churchyard, Cheapside.


July 16, Arnell, Edward Street, ILimpstead Road, corn-merchant-July 16, Barlee, Lambeth. brewer-July 16, Harris and Ellis. High Holborn, woollendmpers-July 16, Hunter, St. Paul's Churchyard, bookseller-July 16, Jackson, Upper Ranelagh Street, Pimlico, scrivener-Jnly 19, Wells, Devonslure Street, Portland Place. mer- chant-July 16, Cope, Stafford, sack-dealer-Aug. 9, Gower, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, grocer-July 17, Mayer and Co. Staffordshire, earthenware-manufacturers-Sept. 7,

Edwards, Salford, licensed-victualler-July 26, Smith. Gloucester, money-scriveuer J ay 19, Clarke. Great Malvern, Worcestershire, innkeeper.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before July 16.

Warburton, Liverpool. tailor-Hall. Piccadilly, upholsterer -Auslow, Shrewsb upholsterer-Hayward, Chapmanslade„ Wiltshire, money-scrivener.


IRELAND. CHARLES, Forfar. clothier, June 30, July 21.

Lavas, asYnes Mearns, Renfrewshire. farmer, July 2, 28.