26 JUNE 1841, Page 6


We understand that an Association of the Ministers of the Church of Scotland has been instituted in Edinburgh, at the head of whom is the Reverend Mr. Bell of Linlithgow, for the purpose of affording their aid, support, and countenance to the eight clergymen of the Pres- bytery of Strathbogie, who at present lie under a pretended sentence of deposition, at the instance of the dominant party in the General As- sembly. Several of these clergymen, among whom were Mr. Bell above-mentioned, Mr. Smith of Cathcart, Mr. Cook of Laurencekirls, Mr. Watt of Loveran, &e. officiated on Sunday last in the pulpits of the proscribed district ; a fact which puts to flight all the erroneous statements and misrepresentations which have been set afloat as to the Strathbogie clergymen having been deserted by the Moderate party in the Church. To show, at the same time, that these gentlemen largely enjoy the sympathies of this part of the country, we need only point to the requisitions inserted in this paper, calling public meetings for the purpose of giving expression to the general feeling. These are from the county of Aberdeen, the county of Banff, the county of Kincardine, and from the inhabitants at large of a most important district of Aber- deenshire, that of Fomartine, who do not yield in intelligence and in the clear perception of moral right and wrong to any other portion of the empire.—Aberdeen Journal.