26 JUNE 1880, Page 22

History and Mystery of Precious Stones. By W. Jones. (R.

Bentley and Son.)—The industrious compiler of " Finger-ring Lore " has now given us a second book, of similar character and equal in- terest. In 376 pages and nine chapters he chats pleasantly about the superstitions attached to precious atones, the romantic vicissitudes and history of famous jewels, and the uses, ecclesiastical and civil, made of them. Not the least interesting of the sections of Mr. Jones's book is one on jewel-robberies. As the book is most unmethodical in plan and execution, and does not possess an index, it is rather to be considered as furnishing agreeable reading for spare half-hours, than as a source of exact information on the large subject of which it treats. A few illustrations, like those so liberally introduced into "Finger- ring Lore," would have greatly increased the value of this book.